As a result of what is going on around them and what they have been exposed to via the mainstream media and even social media, someone might not be happy with what is taking place. So, if they are not already doing things to change what is going on ‘out there’, they can look into what they can do.

It could be said that this will be the obvious thing to do and something that most people would do if they were in their position. The alternative could be seen as them just carrying on with their life and doing nothing, something that is not going to appeal to them.

Totally Overlooked

What won’t enter their mind, then, is that it will be a good idea for them to take a step back and to see what part they are playing in what is going on ‘out there’. If they were to do this, it would show that they are aware of how their external world is mirroring back what is going on in their inner world.

One would realise that they are not simply an observer of the world; they are actively playing a part in their experience. However, taking into account the conditioning they will have most likely received throughout their life, why would they have this understanding?

‘The Truth’

From a very early age and with the help of many different sources, one will have been told, both directly and indirectly, that they are separate from what is going on ‘out there’. But, even though this will just be a belief, it will be seen as the absolute truth.

Naturally, with this in place, there will be no reason for them to change their inner world to change their outer world; this won’t be something that even enters their mind. Through being this way, the only way to change the world – the world that they are just observing – will be to literally change the world.

A Waste of Time

In fact, if someone was to suggest that the world is their mirror, they could just laugh, or get angry, and come to the conclusion that this person is completely crazy and deluded. Unlike them, this person could be seen as being irrational and ‘out of touch’ with the ‘real’ world.

One will understand what the world is like and how it functions and they won’t have time to play around with their inner world. They could see themselves as being far too ‘intelligent’ to get caught up in something like this.

Endless Support

Most, if not all, of the people in their life, are likely to embody the same outlook, so it’s not as though they will experience self-doubt in regards to what they believe. Yet, even if they did, as they live in a society that is structured around the view that everyone and everything is separate, it would soon be snuffed out.

There is the chance that there will be at least one person in their life who is doing what they can to change the world. A lot of this of what this person does is likely to be a way for them to fight against and, thereby, resist, what is going on.

Another Element

There is another part of their being, though, that will make it easy for them to be pulled into the illusion of separation. If this part of them didn’t exist, their life would be different as would the world they live in; just as their life and the world as a whole would be if this part was widely understood.

What is being spoken about here is their ego-mind, the part of them – along with the help of their eyes - that that causes them to see themselves as separate from everyone and everything. This is not a defect; it is just so that they can have their own experience on this earth.

The Big Deception

Moreover, this part of them pushes the parts of themselves that are too uncomfortable for them to acknowledge into their unconscious mind. Once this has taken place, their conscious mind can forget all about what it has lost touch with.

But, while this is the case, the material that they have lost touch with will have a big impact on how they experience life and on the circumstances and situations that they find themselves in. The trouble is that as they will see themselves as just an observer, they won’t be able to see that they are playing a part in what is going on.

Two Parts

Ultimately, there are two parts of their being that co-create their reality: their conscious and their unconscious mind. Without this understanding, it will be perfectly normal for someone to see themselves as a victim and at the whim of fate.

It doesn’t stop there, though, as what they push out of their conscious mind doesn’t just go into their unconscious mind, it also ends up feeding into the collective unconscious. From here, what one has lost touch with will merge with all of the inner material that their fellow human being have lost touch with, and, this inner material will play a big part in what happens in the world.

Final Thoughts

Taking this into account, if one gains an understanding of how their ego-mind works and starts to heal their own inner wounds and to integrate what they have disowned, they will change their life and they will change the world. By changing themselves they won’t be trying to resist what is taking place, either; something that would do more harm than good.

The reason for this is that what is resisted is what will both persist and grow. Being the change that they want to see in the world will be far more effective than solely trying to change the world ‘out there’; a world that is reflecting back what is going on within them.

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