The idea that the people at the top keep people in line by dividing them is nothing new; this has been going on for many, many years. Over the years, A number of words have been used to describe who these people are.

In recent years, they have been described as the ‘deep state’, whereas in the past they have been called the illuminate, amongst other things. For others, all these words are just distractions, and that it is actually the Zionists who are running just about everything from behind the scenes.

Moving On

But with that aside, there are a number of ways that people in this planet are divided and, when this happens, it stops them from being able to work together. If they were to work together, the people behind the scenes (whoever they are) would lose all their power.

Yet, all the time that so many people are fighting amongst themselves, they are too fractured to truly change the world. Now, this is not to say that change is not taking place; what it comes down to is that it is taking place at a much slower rate than it would otherwise.

Control Freaks

When someone has the need to control another person, it is likely to show that they feel completely powerless. Not only this, they are likely to be carrying a lot of fear, which is why they can’t trust and let go.

With this in mind, the people at the top who do everything they can to control people are unlikely to be healthy individuals. There is a strong chance that these people are completely disconnected from their true self, living on the surface of themselves.


In addition to the amount of fear that they are carrying around with them, they are also going to have a false sense of importance. It is then not that they will feel less-than others; they will feel as though they are more-than others.

Through believing that they are better than others, it will be as though they have every right to treat them as though they have no value. It is then clear to see why it has been said that the real criminals are not in prison – they are free to run the world.

Two Parts

Nevertheless, the few can only control the many because so many people go along with what is taking place. If everyone took a step back and realised what was taking place, it would soon be over.

One of the biggest challenges is that the modern-day world provides so many distractions, distractions that stop the average person from asking the big questions and then harnessing their energy to do something about it. Different forms of entertainment, along with the control of the money system, stop a lot of people from ever getting to this point.

Divide and Rule

For a number of years now, there has been a big focus on race and sexual orientation, amongst other things. A number name for this is identity politics, and this has created an incredible amount lot of conflict.

This is what has been going on in a number of western countries, and could then be seen as what has been going on at a local level. At a global level, however, there has been a focus on what is going on in the Middle East, and how a number of these countries are a problem.

The Drama Triangle

As a result for this, it means that if someone belongs to a certain race (this usually relates to people who are not white), they are a victim and, if they belong to another race (this usually relates to people who are white and white men in particular), they are a perpetrator. A similar dynamic also applies when it comes to different sexual orientations.

When it comes to certain countries in the west, these countries are seen as victims, but when it comes to certain countries in the Middle East, these countries are seen as perpetrators. In order for someone to go along with this way of seeing life, they need to see life as being very black and white.

An Aversion to Thinking

If they see life as being black and white, it is likely to show that they don’t like to think for themselves. Along with this, they will probably feel powerless, as this will be what causes them to feel like a victim.

Another part of this is that they might have an entitlement mentality, with this being what will cause them to expect things without having to give anything in return. Fortunately, the people at the top will be there to rescue these victims and to punish the perpetrators.

The Third Element

So, after conditioning people to see life through a lens where someone is either a victim or perpetrator, they will be there to bring justice and to make everything better. There will be how this takes place at a local level and how it will take place at a global level.

At a local level, now that it is even harder for people who have different colour skin to get on with each other, they will reward some people and punish others. But while it will seem as though they are helping certain people, what they will really be doing is disempowering them.

The Same Old Story

As they are portrayed as victims, it will mean that they have no control over their life, and it is then going to be impossible for them to do anything to make it better. Consequently, they will be completely depended on the very people who conditioned them to see themselves in this way.

At a global level, now that so many countries in the Middle East have been demonised and are seen as a ‘threat’ to the western way of life, it will mean that the people who live in the west will need to be saved by the same people who helped to destabilise this part of the world to begin with. One way of looking at all this would be to say that it is all smoke and mirrors.


When we focus on our differences as opposed to our similarities, it will stop them us from being able to work together. The more identified we are with how we look, our sexual orientation and our gender, the harder it will be for us to accept the fact that we all come from the same source and that life is one big illusion

One way for someone to see that they are more than their appearance, their sexual orientation and gender, along with the identity that they have created, is by meditating. They will then be able to observe their mind and to see how it functions.

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