For a number of weeks now, a lot of coverage has been given to what is taking place in America. This is somewhere where some people have been protesting, whilst others have been destroying property.

But, although both of these things have been taking place, it doesn’t mean that every media source has made this clear. Thanks to ‘Newspeak’, it has meant that certain sources have completely misinterpreted what is taking place.

Master Manipulators

Ergo, the mainstream media has a number of different ways to define how the masses perceive reality. Firstly, they have a narrative and only give exposure to what fits this narrative, and secondly, even if they do cover something, they can use language that obscures what is actually going on.

This source has one thing to do and one thing only, and yet this is something that it is rarely capable of doing. To top it off, this is the same source that accused the alternative media of being ‘fake news’ a number of years ago.

An Analogy

If the mainstream media was a person, and this person was diagnosed, they would probably be labelled as a sociopathic narcissist. The trouble is that someone like this is going to be in denial and to lack self-awareness, which is why they are unlikely to reach out for the support that they need to change.

This source is the same; they are likely to be in denial about what is going on, lacking the self-awareness that is necessary to change their ways. As a result of this, this source doesn’t improve over time; it just ends up getting worse.

A Time of Destruction

So when it comes to what has been destroyed, there are things that can be replaced and things that can’t. If someone’s car has been destroyed, they may be able to have it replaced, but, if their shop has been burnt down, it won’t be this simple.

Further, if someone has lost a loved one, their life will never be the same again. If someone was to tell them that this has merely been a time of peaceful protects, their being could soon end up filled with rage.

The Purpose

Undoubtedly, not everyone who has been taking part in what has been going on has had the same agenda. For some, it will have been about standing up for what they believe in, not destroying things, and for others, what is going on will be seen as secondary, with this just being another moment for them to destroy things.

Also, some of these people are mentally and emotionally healthy, whilst others are anything but mentally and emotionally healthy. One thing that can show how together someone is is how much self-control they have been able to display during this time.

A Reason

If someone has destroyed property, they can say that what they did was fine because of whatever reason. Thanks to the defence mechanism now as justification, they will be able to rationalise what they have done.

This is a defence mechanism that every human being uses, and thus, it is not only used by people that have some kind of disorder. However, if someone has beaten another person up, and they try to justify this, it could show that they are not in a good place.

The Emotional Level

When it comes to the damage that has been done and the harm that has been caused, it is clear that a lot of people have been consumed by rage. It is unlikely that this rage has come from a place of strength, though; it might be more accurate to see it as impotent rage.

Underneath the rage that has been expressed is likely to be the following feelings: powerlessness, helplessness, hopelessness and a deep sense of shame. These are then not people who have a felt sense of power and value; they are people who feel inwardly weak and worthless.

Inner Darkness

For someone like this, it may generally be a challenge for them to handle how they feel; with them often feeling overwhelmed by their emotional self. If this is so, it is not going to be a surprise that they are controlled by their emotions and find it hard to think clearly.

The misery that they create externally will just be a reflection of the misery that they experience day in, day out. Instead of feeling a strong sense of self-love; they probably hate themselves.

Two Reasons

If this is what someone is like, it could be said that it is due to what they have experienced in their adult life. How they have been treated by other people could be seen as the reason why they are so full of rage.

This could be the case, or it could have more to do with what happened at the beginning of their life. If it goes back to their early years, this could have been a time when they didn’t receive the love and care that they needed to develop properly.

A Massive Impact

During this period of their life, they may have often been neglected and/or abused, and they may have only had one caregiver available. This would then have been a time when they would have regularly felt enraged, powerless, hopeless, helpless, fearful and worthless.

Not receiving the right attunement would have stopped their brain from developing probably, which is why they won’t be able to regulate their emotions. The years will have passed, and they might not even remember what took place, but all this pain will still be inside them and this is why they will need someone, or something, to take it out on.

Replaying The Past

The damage that is caused in the world can be seen as a form of indirect revenge. At an unconscious level, whatever, or whoever, they want to destroy, will unconsciously remind them of the people/person who originally harmed them.

Yet, as destroying what is going on ‘out there’ won’t allow them to resolve their inner wounds, this approach won’t change how they feel. In fact, their behaviour can cause other people to treat them like criminals as opposed to people who are doing the ‘right thing’, which can cause them to come into contact with the feelings of rejection, abandonment and shame that they experienced as a child.


What times like this show is that for there to be peace and harmony on this earth, it will be essential for children to be brought up in the right way. If this continues to be something that doesn’t always take place, there will always be a certain amount of children that are not treated well that will grow up to become the adults that try to terrorise everyone else.

Another part of this will be for the education system to teach children about how their mind works and to show them how to heal their inner wounds. This way, even if their early years were traumatic, what they have gone through won’t have to define them for the rest of their life.

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