Due to the impact that the Coronavirus has been having, it seemed as though it would be the main news story for quite some time. However, as a result of what has been taking place in America, it has started to receive less attention.

If someone lives in America, they may have started to wonder what happened to the virus; it could be as if it is just a thing of the past. Firstly, this mainstream media has spent less time talking about it, and secondly, from the footage they have seen and perhaps from their own experiences, it will have been apparent that a lot of people are no longer social distancing.

Nothing New

However, while the mainstream media has a new focus, it is still pretty much business as usual. Undoubtedly, this source loves drama, and on this earth, there is always something dramatic taking place.

If they can’t find something dramatic to cover, they will go looking for it. This source lives off people’s attention, which is why they need to focus on stories that will pull people in.

Part of the human experience

It is part of human nature to focus on what is negative, and this is said to come down to the fact that, in our ancient past, not focusing on the negative would have led to our demise. Being aware of a threat would have been the difference between life and death.

Naturally, a lot has changed since that point in time; what hasn’t changed is the part of our brain that is concerned with our survival. Ergo, when a threat is put forward by this source, part of our brain sees it as something that would bring our life to an end.

The Key

Taking this into account, the best way to keep people plugged into this source will be to focus on events that will tap into their survival brain. This will keep them coming back for more.

Not only this, when this part of them has taken over, they will be caught up in their emotions and unable to think clearly. If the intention is to control someone, this is the perfect state for them to be in; it will be like their mouth has been opened and anything can be put in it.

The Main Intention

It might be hard for someone to accept that the mainstream media would want to control them, and to define how they see reality; that’s if they believe that this source is there to inform them. Yet, in order for someone to even get to this point; they would need to get out of fear mode and for their thinking brain to come online.

Further, they might not be willing to accept that there is more to this source than meets the eye. This outlook could partly be put down to how deceptive this source is and how effective it is at hiding it.

A lot to take in

When it comes to what is currently taking place in America, what is clear is that a lot of people have had enough and want things to change. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that each of these ‘protestors’ is in the same position.

Some of them are going to lead a very bleak existence, whilst others will live a life of luxury. When it comes to the later, some of them will actually want to make a difference and some of them will be more interested in assuaging their own guilt and creating the right impression.

Luxury Beliefs

It has been said that people used to express their superiority through the extravagant items that they owned but now, in the social media age, this often takes place through expressing certain ‘progressive’ views. Someone in a high position can then talk about how they believe this and believe that, raising their social standing and coming across as being more evolved than others.

Still, although they will have the ‘right’ views, these can be views that they don’t truly believe in and even if they do, due to the life that they lead, the consequences of these beliefs might not affect them. For example, someone like this can say that people are just victims and have no control over their life, even though they themselves may have worked exceptionally hard, and still do, to get to where they are.

A Build-Up

With that aside, there are certain feelings that some of these ‘protestors’ are likely to be experiencing. On one level, there is bound to be rage, and even hate, and, at a deeper level, there can be powerlessness, helplessness and toxic shame, amongst other things.

Now, to focus purely on what is currently happening wouldn’t take into account the fact that what is happening is surely a cumulative effect of how so many people have been feeling for a very long time. What took place could then be seen as the straw that broke the camel’s back.

There is no separation

If someone has had experience after experience where they have felt powerless, and even violated, they are likely to be carrying a lot of emotional pain. This pain won’t have just stayed in their conscious and unconscious mind; it will have also fed into the collective unconscious.

What this comes down to is that human beings are not separate from anyone, or anything; separation is an illusion that is created by the mind. So, as there has been a lot of ‘negativity’ building up in so many people’s unconscious mind and the collective unconscious, it didn’t take a lot to bring this pain to the surface and for a certain type of behaviour to manifest.


Two of the most important needs that human beings have are to be seen and heard, and a lot of people that have taken to the street probably haven’t been getting these needs met. Additionally, they are likely to lack a sense of personal power and to be out of touch with their own inherent worth.

There will the effect that their society has had on them and there will be the effect that their early years had. Irrespective of what is going on, it is essential to also look into why something like this would take place and what needs to change.

If this doesn’t happen, and this doesn’t mean that everyone who has taken to the street has the same agenda or that there are not shady figures on this planet that fund these kinds of events, it will only get worse. As the saying goes, ‘an attack is a cry for help’.

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