Although a lot has changed over the years, it is not uncommon for the physical body to be seen as nothing more than a lump of meat. It is then an area that is not affected by what is taking place in someone’s internal world (their thoughts, emotions, feelings or beliefs) or what is taking place in their outer world.

Still, this doesn’t mean that stress is not widely seen as something that has a destructive effect on both the mind and body. Even so, it is often something that ends up being put to one side and not given the attention that it deserves.

No Reason

So while stress can be taken into consideration if someone is ill, what can be given even more attention is their DNA. If they have a serious illness, they could be told that it is due to their genetics.

Therefore, they won’t have played a part in what is going on; it will just be that their being is faulty. In the same way that a machine will play up if a part is not right, their body will be playing up because something is not right.

A Hopeless Place

They could end up being told that this faulty part of them was passed down from one of their parents. If they wanted to know more, they might be told that one of their grandparents passed it onto their parents.

As to why their ancestors would have this fault could be seen as being a mystery. Like their parents, they will be nothing more than a powerless victim, with the health being completely out of their hands.

The Same Story

If they were to end up feeling angry at their parents, it could be said that it won’t be much of a surprise. However, it won’t be as if these people chose to pass their ‘bad’ genes onto them.

In addition to their health being out of their hands, they could also believe that how they experience life is also out of their hands. How they experience life won’t be due to their genetics, though, yet they will still have very little control.

The Heart of the Matter

So irrespective of whether it relates to how one experiences life – what their relationships are like, what their career is like and even how much money they have – or the state of their health, they are basically going to be nothing more than an observer. Therefore, if they are lucky, their life and their health will be good, but if they are not, it won’t be.

Taking all this into account, when it comes to dealing with a physical problem, one of the best things for them to do will be to take something. By taking a pill for the rest of their life, the physical problem may end up being managed, if not corrected.

The Disconnection

If the body is seen as being nothing more than a lump of meat, it means that it is seen as being separate from the mind. What is taking place ‘up top’ is then not having an effect on what takes place ‘down below’.

This outlook may well be the norm in today’s world, but that doesn’t mean that this outlook is the truth. The truth is that the mind is not separate from the body; this is nothing more than an illusion.

A Closer Look

Now, if someone was to go back in time and went to a certain part of the world, they would probably meet people who view the mind and body as one. But without even going back in time, there are going to be certain tribes, along with people in different parts of the world, who have this outlook.

The question is: Why would so many people on this planet view the mind and body as being separate? One way of looking at this would be to say that a large part of humanity is traumatised, which is why so many people have this outlook.

A Natural Consequence

When someone experiences trauma, they can disconnect from their body, losing touch with how they feel in the process. This is not something that they will consciously choose to do, it will just happen to stop them from being overwhelmed by pain and to ensure their survival.

There can be the trauma that someone has experienced in their adult life, during their childhood years, and what has been passed down from their ancestors. The outcome of this is that one will be disconnected from their body and life, seeing themselves as just an observer.

The Outcome

Someone can then be born into a society that is primarily made up of people that are disconnected from themselves and, thanks to what they go through as a child and the experiences that they end up having in society, they can help to sustain the current paradigm. The way for this to change will be for individuals to deal with their trauma and to reconnect to themselves.

This is, of course, what has been happening for some time now, and one manifestation of this change in the consciousness of the planet was the discovery of something known as ‘epigenetics’. The basic gist of epigenetics is that in order for a gene to have an effect, there needs to be an internal or external trigger; said another way, one is a co-creator of their life as opposed to merely an observer of it.

Two Parts

When someone lives on the surface of themselves and is not connected to their body, they are generally not going to be aware of how they feel. Nonetheless, although they won’t have a strong connection to how they feel, how they feel will still have an impact on their body and how they experience life.

One thing that the late Candace Pert (an American neuroscientist) said was that ‘the body is the unconscious mind’, while Dov Baron (the founder of Quantum Metta Psychology) has said that ‘the body is emotion made manifest’. What both of these outlooks demonstrate is that what is taking place in someone’s conscious and unconscious mind (their consciousness) has an impact on their physical reality – the unseen becomes and seen.


Taking all this into account, if someone believes that their body is separate from their mind, it could show that they are carrying trauma. Once they start to work through this trauma and to develop a better connection with their body, they will gradually let go of this view.

The work that they do on themselves will also affect the collective consciousness, and as this changes, the world will also change. For the world ‘out there’ to change, then, people’s inner world has to change.

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