A number of years ago, the mainstream media spent a lot of time talking about “fake news”. This was seen as something that was “undermining democracy” and had led to a “post-truth world.”

As time passed, different social media platforms cracked down on the “fake news” and fact-checking sites were introduced to make it easier for people discern what is or isn’t true, among other things. A big part of their message has been that the mainstream media can be trusted, whilst alternative media can’t.

A Black and White Issue

Therefore, in order for someone to know what is actually going on in the world, they will need to pay attention to the mainstream media. This will stop them from being deceived by other sources.

These sources are then going to exist to send them down the garden path and to undermine their countries democracy. If one wants to do the right thing then, they will shun these other sources.

Another Outlook

Now, if someone pays attention to other new sources, they could believe that it is not this black and white. If anything, they could believe that the mainstream media has been pumping out “fake news” for decades.

But, as this news source was the only one for so many years, it made it a lot harder to realise this. It is then not so much that this source has a problem with “fake news”; it’s that it doesn’t like competition.

Masters of Deception

Furthermore, it wants to have complete control over what people believe and how they see the world. If this is so, it would also mean that this source is engaging in something called projection.

When this takes place, someone or an entity will project their own motivations and/or issues into another person or entity. Ergo, perhaps the reason why this source reacted in the way that they did was primarily that they were exposed to something that they themselves do but simply can’t acknowledge.

Two Options

If someone does pay attention to other news sources, they could spend a fair amount of time-consuming what the alternative media has to say. They could believe that this source is there to actually inform others, or they could question a lot of what they hear.

Maybe, they just like to think for themselves and, as a result of this, are not happy to just swallow everything that one news source tells them. This means that they will be only too aware of the fact that not everything they hear will be accurate; some of it will be false and some of it will have been taken completely out of context.

A Bystander

When someone looks into what is taking place, regardless of what source they are paying attention to, they will be finding out about what is supposedly taking place ‘out there’. In other words, one will be separate from what is going on, an observer.

Like a spectator at a sports game, they will be on the sidelines and won’t be playing a part in what is going on. Thus, certain things ‘out there’ will be real and certain things will be false, and differentiating between the two will be the key.

Another Angle

However, what if one, along with their fellow human beings, is not just an observer of what is going on ‘out there? What if they are both the observers and the co-creators of what is taking place in the world?

If this is the case, it would mean that while some news will be real and other news false, what is going on ‘out there’ is simply a manifestation of consciousness. Deep down, then, beyond the physical reality that is experienced through the five senses, it is all an illusion and, consequently, not real.

A Different Focus

Taking this into account, someone can spend a lot of time and effort trying to work out what is ‘real’ or what is ‘false’, or they can realise that, at a deeper level, it’s all false. Through having this understanding, it can stop them from being totally caught up in what is going on ‘out there’ and to co-create a different world.

This can take place by not feeding into the dramas that are going on externally and being the very thing that they want to see more of externally. As they change their own consciousness, the collective consciousness will also change.


To change their own consciousness, they will most likely need to heal their inner wounds. These inner wounds will be the result of what they have experienced as an adult, what took place during their early years, and what their ancestors passed down to them.

The reason why cleaning their own consciousness will change the collective consciousness is that they are not separate from anyone or anything. Their sense of separation will be something that their ego-mind, along with their eyes, creates.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to dealing with their inner wounds and trauma, they may need to reach out for external support. This can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or healer.

As more people no longer feed into the dramas that are ‘out there’ and become aware of how they are co-creating their world and the planet as a whole, the world will change. Thanks to this shift, the effect that the inner world has on the outer world will become something that is widely known.

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