In recent years, there has been an intense focus on the environment and the damage that is being done to it. This is an area that the mainstream media, Hollywood and even the British royal family routinely covers.

Considering the magnitude of what is going on, it is a good thing that each of these sources are doing this. Still, it has been hard for a lot of people to stomach having certain celebrities talk about the impact that fossil fuels are having, for instance, whilst they travel around the world on their private jet.

Above it All

It has been seen said that when someone walks their talk, they will be a far more effective leader. Without a doubt, this is something that people like this need to ponder, as it will allow them to be more effective leaders and, more importantly, they will truly be doing their bit for the environment.

One way of looking at their behaviour would be to say that due to what they do for a living, they have lost touch with reality and their success has gone to their head. Consequently, they are not going to live like most people on the planet and they are also going to be above the laws of nature.

Slow Progress

Anyway, although a lot is being been done and a lot has been done, there are a lot of people who believe that not enough is being done. Some of these people are on the front line, so to speak, and can see the damage that is being done.

For someone like this, it can seem as though the governments around the world simply don’t understand what is going on. As far as they are concerned, if these people were aware of what is going on, they would be doing far more.

Two Levels

Furthermore, they could have the same view that a lot of people have. What is taking place up top is then going to be a reflection of what is taking place down below, or what is taking place down below will be a reflection of what is taking place up top.

So, as important as the environment is, it can be as if someone like this is trying to get people to value something that has no value. What could frustrate them is how much importance other things get, with these beings things that are of secondary importance to the environment.

The Most Important Thing

This is understandable as, without an environment that is inhabitable, it won’t be possible to do anything else. Or, to be more accurate, it won’t be possible for human beings to exist.

As a result of what is going on, one could believe that the planet needs to get far worse before the people at the top and a large part of humanity wakes up and realises the gravitas of what is going on. It can be hard for them to comprehend why the very thing that sustains human life is not given the respect that it deserves.

What’s going on?

One way of looking at what is going on would be to say that as so many people are caught up in their own life and live in built-up areas, for example, they are oblivious to what is actually going on. Thanks to this, it is not so much that they don’t care about the environment as it is that they are so far removed from it that this stops them from even thinking about it, let alone being concerned about it.

Ergo, instead of the average person knowing that they are part of nature, nature can just be seen as something that is ‘out there’ and have very little to do with them. This will stop them from realising that they are dependent on nature.

A Closer Look

Now, it could be said that living in built-up areas is part of what has lead to the collective delusion that human beings are separate from nature. If it wasn’t for this, the average person would know that they are at one with nature and, as an extension of this, would look after their home as their home looks after them.

However, what if the former didn’t lead to the latter and that the former was already a sign that something wasn’t right? What if the reason why this took place and why so many people see themselves as separate from nature is trauma?

Going Deeper

When someone experiences trauma, their system is going to be overwhelmed, and this will cause them to momentarily, if not permanently, disconnect from their body. This is something that will take automatically in order to ensure their survival.

If this trauma is not resolved and integrated, it will be normal for them to live in their head and to be alienated from their body. Through permanently living in a disembodied state, they will see themselves as being separate from everyone and everything, and as being an observer of life as opposed to a co-creator of it.

Joining the dots

With this in mind, if a large part of the population is in a traumatised state, it is to be expected that the environment will be overlooked or at the very least not given the level of importance that it needs. The average person, through being in a disembodied state, is likely to feel as connected to the earth as they do to a fly.

Nonetheless, the issue with this is that not only does the modern-day world traumatise people; the average person probably won’t even know that they are in a traumatised state. Living up top will be the norm and there will be no reason for them to do anything about it.

Final Thoughts

If someone has a strong connection to their body and thus, feels connected to others and the earth, they are going to be more likely to care about the environment. They will be only too aware of how dependent they are on the earth and this will allow them to play their part.

What this illustrates is how important it is for humanity as a whole to work through their trauma and to reconnect to themselves so that they can reconnect to the earth. Through working through this trauma, not only will their behaviour change but they are also likely to heal the earth in the process.

This is because what is going on externally is a reflection of what is going on internally. As individuals clean their own consciousness, the collective consciousness will change, and this will mean that the earth will no longer need to carry or express the ‘toxic’ inner material that humanity has disconnected from.

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