In the recent presidential election, the mainstream media portrayed one candidate as being good and the other as being bad. And up until a new president was announced, there were a number of people who thought that America would have a female president for the first time.

For some people, this was seen as a sign of how sexist America is and had absolutely nothing to do with anything else. This was also one of the reasons that Hillary Clinton put forward when she was asked why she lost.

One Outlook

Along with this, she has said that Russia played part in all this, and one of the ways that this supposedly took place was by ads that were posted on social media. Anyway, there were a lot of people who felt demoralised after Trump won.

It was then as if America had the chance to elect a “strong” woman, but they ended up electing someone who was not fit to be president. Some of the people who voted for Hillary are likely to believe that they are morally superior to the people who voted for Trump.

The Perfect Example

When someone has this outlook, they could say that it is clear that Donald Trump has at least one personality disorder. That is in addition to him being a “sexist”, “racist”, and “misogynist”, among other things.

They could say that he has a constant need for admiration, has exaggerated sense of importance, lacks empathy, and they could talk about the manner in which he comes across. With all these traits, as well as others, it is not going to be seen as ideal for someone like this to have so much power.

Another Part

If someone did want Hillary to win, they could wonder what it would be like if Obama was still in power. This can then show that they saw him as the ideal president and, on the surface, they seem to be very different people.

While Obama generally came across as refined and intelligent, Trump often comes across in a very different manner. It is then not hard to see why someone would be drawn to Obama and repelled by Trump.

A Big Difference

Based on this, it could be said that some presidents are mentally healthy are others are not. Therefore, in the same way that a rose can grow through concrete, there will be times when healthy people are able to rise up the top.

At the same time, even though a president comes across in the right way, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a well-adjusted human being, and the same could be said when the mainstream media supports a certain candidate. All it can show is that they have mastered the art of how to make a good impression on others.

Words vs. Actions

In the grand scheme of things, what truly matters it what a president does and not how they come across. So while Obama looked the part, what did he do whilst he was the president of America? This is what matters.

If it was simply about having someone who created the right impression, then a good actor/actress would be the ideal candidate. For example, in 2016, America dropped 26,171 bombs; that’s nearly three bombs every hour, for 24 hours a day.

A Facade

Due to this, Obama can now tell people that during his time at president, he was at war longer than any President in American History. Before all this took place, he came into office with a very different stance on war.

Now, it could be said that he started off with good intentions, yet it wasn’t possible for him to do what he wanted. This is something that had to be considered – it is hard to say how much control a president actually has.

The Deep State

For a number of years, a lot has been said about the people behind the scenes, so speak, and how much control they have. Consequently, even if someone does want to make a positive difference, they could soon find out that their hands are tied.

Perhaps this was why John F. Kennedy was taken out; he could have been someone who wasn’t prepared to sell his soul. But with this aside, what stands out is that presidents and even Prime Ministers are often different to the average person.

A Big Task

For one thing, someone needs to enjoy being the centre of attention, feel comfortable with having a lot of control over others, to be able to handle a lot of criticism, and to deal with all the stress that comes with it. And if someone is a mentally and emotionally healthy human being, they are not going to want to have control over others or to experience so much stress.

Thus, if someone feels empty, worthless, and craves recognition and approval from others, this kind of job can appeal to them. The challenges that they will have to put up with through being in the public eye can be seen as being outweighed by what they will receive.

A Pattern

It has been noted that a number of presidents grew up without a father, and this is not much of a surprise. And in today’s world, it is not uncommon for a child to be without a father - shockingly, it is often believed that a child doesn’t even need a father.

The mother is there to love the child no matter what (unconditioned love) and this takes place through affirming them as they are; whereas the fathers love is based on what the child does (conditional love) and this takes place through affirming them for what they do. Each parent then has a role to play in the child’s ability to feel valuable and to give value.

Another Consequence

Maybe the reason why so many people believe they are special and entitled to just about everything nowadays is because their father wasn’t around when they were younger. This would have set them up to feel good about themselves and to develop the feminine within them, but it won’t have allowed them to develop the masculine within them and to realise that they even though they are important, they still have to work for things.

A Wounded Child in an Adults Body

So, if someone didn’t receive the kind of care that the needed whilst they were growing up, it can then set them up to look outside for that which they didn’t receive as a child. The pain that is within them can be what stops them from looking within and realising that everything they need is actually within them.

When it comes to a president/prime minister, then, there is likely to be the false-self that they had to create as a child in order to handle the trauma that they experienced. The needs that were not met during this time can then be what gave them the drive to rise to the top.


With this in mind, it could be said that someone needs to have something wrong with them to want to become a president/prime minister. A human being who feels comfortable with themselves and is free of trauma (or has very little) is unlikely to be interested in doing anything like this.

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