If someone was asked if they could remember a time when the mainstream media has lied, it might not take them long to think of something. In fact, a number of examples of when this has taken place could enter their mind.

As a result of this, they might not simply accept what this source comes out with; preferring to question what they are told. They could believe that no matter how convincing something may appear to be, it doesn’t mean that it is true.

An Important Lesson

Ultimately, one is going to realise how important it is to be objective whenever they are exposed to this source of information. In the past, not being this way will have sent them down the garden path on a number of occasions.

They might even wonder how they allowed this to happen, but this will show how cunning this source is. Fortunately, they will now be better equipped when it comes to dealing with this source.

Two Parts

As to why they are now in a better position than they were, there are likely to be at least two reasons. Not only will they know that this source can’t be trusted, there is likely to be what has changed both mentally and emotionally.

Mentally, they may have improved their ability to think clearly and to no longer react. Emotionally, they may have developed the ability to regulate their own emotions, which will make it harder for them to be manipulated and this will also make it easier for them to think clearly.

An Individual

One is then not just going to have their own brain; they will also behave in a way that shows that they have their own brain. They won’t just believe something because so many other people do and act as though they are merely an extension of a centralized brain.

If the media says, ‘jump’, they won’t say, ‘how high?’ What they will do is take a closer look into what is going on. This will mean that they will own their own power as opposed to giving it away.

The power of Education

This could show that they have been to university and are ‘highly’ educated. Alternatively, it could simply show that they have the desire to find out what is true and what isn’t true.

Regardless of what their current level of education is, there will be something within them that prevents them from taking what the media says at face value. The people in their life could also be like this or they could be happy to swallow whatever they are told.

A Very Different Approach

When it comes to someone like this, they may not be aware of the fact that this source continually lies to them. But, even if they aware of this, they will still be happy to go along with most of what this source comes out with.

In the same way that someone can go along with being treated badly by others, they will go along with being lied to. Interestingly, the bigger the lie is, the more likely they may be to accept it.

How This Often Plays Out

For example, this source could say that something has happened and, without questioning how true this is, one will react in a certain way. They are then not going to take a step back and to use their ability to think critically.

The media will have said, ‘jump’, and they will have said, ‘how high?’ They will be an individual yet it will be as though they have strings, and these strings will be pulled by this source.

A Subtle Form of Control

No one will have pointed a gun at their head or told them to feel a certain way; they will have automatically gone into a certain emotional state. They won’t have a button on their back, either, but it will be as though they do and this button has been pressed.

In addition to how they have reacted, there will be all their fellow human beings that have also reacted in the same way. They will all be separate beings that have the ability to think, but they will behave like programmed machines that are plugged into one brain.

How Can This Happen?

Now, if someone acts like this, it could show that they find it hard to think critically and that they are carrying a lot of emotional pain. Further, there is the chance that they have a weak ego, with this being another reason why the ‘lower’ part of their being overwhelms the ‘higher’ part.

But even if they can think critically, through being internally unstable and lacking a strong sense of self, it will be difficult for them to handle the external triggers, or commands, that come from this source. They will be internally weak and this source will take advantage of this.


What this emphasises is how important both mental and emotional development is when it comes to being able to act as a conscious individual. Without this, or when the mind is developed but the emotional body is ignored, one won't own themselves; they will be owned by whoever wants to press their buttons.

Taking this into account, if someone can see that they are being controlled by this source or the external world in general, and they want their life to change, it will be a good idea for them to develop each part of their being. This will take patience and persistence.

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