As a result of the contagion that has had a big impact on numerous countries around the world, a lot has been said about what is going on. Like most events, there is not just one view of what is going on.

There are views floating around that can appear to be believable, while there are other views that can appear to have no basis in reality. If there was no such thing as an alternative media, there is a strong chance that more people would have the same view about what is going on.

One Step Further

Along with there being different views in regards to where the virus came from and whether it is manmade or not, there are a number of differences when it comes to why it exists. Some people believe that it has been designed by ‘the elites’ to depopulate the planet, others believe that it is nature’s way of getting her own back.

If someone had time to spend and an open mind, they could easily spend weeks going over all the different views. Naturally, some of these views can seem more plausible than others, and the views that do seem more plausible can be those the mainstream media has been pushing.

Moving On

However, if what is going on right now is put to one side; it is not as though everything was fine before all this kicked off. Due to how disruptive this time has been, though, it can seem as though it was.

The need for everything to turn back to normal, even though what was normal was just as destructive, has been strong. This is very similar to how someone can be in a relationship that is dysfunctional and once it ends, they can long to be with the other person again.

The Reason

It could be said that whether it relates to the need for a dysfunctional relationship to continue or for the planet to go back to how it was, it will be due to the ego-minds need to experience what is familiar. Part of the human experience involves having an ego, and this is not something that is bad, enough though it is often demonised.

Its primary function is to keep someone alive. The trouble is that to the ego, what is familiar is what is safe, so anything that is not familiar is therefore seen as a threat to their survival.

Holding On

With this in mind, it makes sense as to why it can be so hard for someone to change their own life and why it can take so long for certain elements in society to change. Both individually and collectively, something ‘bad’ can need to happen in order for positive change to take place.

When this happens, the right change won’t have taken place directly but something will have taken place that may allow it to take place indirectly. This will, of course, be more challenging to handle, but it can lead to the right outcome in the end.

It Is Long Overdue

When it comes to the planet as a whole, there is no doubt that a lot needs to change. One sentiment that has been expressed by a lot of people is that this contagion, as bad as it is, has given the planet a much-needed break.

Furthermore, it has given so many people the chance to take a step back and to reflect on the direction that their life has been taking. If it wasn’t for this, there is a strong chance that so many people would have continued to live a life that wasn’t in alignment with their deepest values.

Many, Many Problems

As for what is not right about the planet, there are many things that will come to mind. There is how nature and animals are being treated, how certain countries treat other countries and how people in power treat their fellow citizens – the list goes on.

Now, if these were all put to one side, what will become clear is that in each case they relate to what human beings are doing. Thus, it is not what this is being done by beings from another planet, for instance.

The Big Question

Why would someone treat another person, animal or the planet in an inhumane way? It would be easy to say this would take place because they are ‘bad’ or even ‘evil’, but does this really answer the question?

This creates the impression that there are people that are ‘good’ and people that are ‘bad’, which is an outlook that comes from the minds dual nature. Would it not be more accurate to say that everyone on this planet is made up of both good and bad, with some people having more of one than the other?

Going Deeper

What can be the difference between someone acting in a ‘good’ way or acting in a ‘bad’ way is whether or not they are acting in a conscious manner. If they are not conscious and they do something, they can end up causing a lot of harm.

When this takes place, they will be behaving like a programmed machine; they won’t have taken the time to think about why they are doing something. This could be something that takes place every now and then or it could be how they generally behave.

The Reason

Why is it that someone would just switch off and do something that is causing harm? One way of looking at this would be to say that this is something that will take place when someone dissociates from themselves.

When this happens, they won’t be in touch with their feelings (they will lose their ability to empathise and to be compassionate) and they will no longer be in the present moment (they won’t be conscious). This is something that usually takes place when someone is in a lot of emotional pain and simply can’t face reality.

A Vicious Circle

Through being in a bad way, they will do things that cause harm. When this relates to causing harm to another person, the person that they harm can end up doing to another what was done to them.

Ultimately, when someone is in a lot of pain, it is going to be very hard for them to behave like a conscious human being. They can cause harm at a local level and they could cause a lot of damage on a global scale too, but most of the damage that they cause will be due to the fact that they spend a lot of time walking around asleep.


When it comes to why someone would be in a lot of pain, there can be what has taken place in their adult life and what they experienced as a child. Additionally, there can be the trauma that was passed down from their ancestors.

Taking this into account, for the world to really change, it will be necessary for individuals to deal with their own inner wounds, and, as this happens, the world as a whole will change. Unlike trying to change the world, this type of work probably won’t allow someone to receive any awards.

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