Nowadays, George Orwell or 1984 is often mentioned when it comes to what is taking place in the world. The reason for this is that today’s world is becoming more oppressive as time goes by.

In the book, he goes into great detail to illustrate what it is like to live under a totalitarian regime, and it is clear that this is anything but pleasant. One of the lines from the book that is routinely referred to is, “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

Another Meaning

But while this is what a lot of people believe that the book is all about, there are others who have a different view. For these people, the book can be primarily about how language can be used to deceive and to manipulate.

Through controlling language and defining what people can say, there is then no need to have a lot of external control as they will keep themselves in line. The control will be subtle, meaning that physical force is not going to be needed.

Years Later

A little while after this book came out Aldous Huxley released a book titled, ‘Brave New World.’ Just like the book above this is also about control, but it is a different type of control.

Whereas the former is said to be about controlling people through pain, the latter is said to be about controlling people through pleasure. This is then the stick or the carrot approach that is used to instigate a certain type of behaviour.

A Powerful Ability

As a result of what these two people said in these books many decades ago, it would be perfectly normal for someone to see them as prophets. Somehow, they were able to look into the future and to see what is would be like.

Perhaps they were born with a special ability that allowed them to do this or maybe this was something that they developed over many years of hard work. When these books came out a lot of people probably dismissed them as pure fiction, even seeing the authors as crazy.

The Perfect Scenario

When it comes to the people who are acutely aware of how these two books match up with what is going on now, they may wonder what the world would be like if these books were pure fiction. Now that the world has changed, playing down these books won’t change what is going on.

If someone wanted to get an idea of what is must have been like for someone to read one of these books, they may need to read a story where people teleport from one place to another. While this is something that is far more pleasant, it would give them a rough idea of what it must have been like.

A Different Outlook

Another way of looking at this would be to say that these people were not profits; they merely had a wild imagination. And it is just a coincidence that what they wrote about has ended up having more to do with reality as time has passed.

Maybe this is the truth or maybe there is another reason why these two authors were able to write about what would happen in the future with such accuracy. This reason is not as glamorous as the first reason.


What if these two people were part of a something that gave them direct access to information that the average person would never be able to access? This could have been what is often described as a ‘secret society.’

Through being part of something like this, they would have heard about what the establishment had in store for the citizenry. What would happen in the future was then already planned well in advance.

Nothing Is Random

So, while it can seem as though things just happen and what does happen isn’t connected to anything else, this could be nothing more than an illusion. Yet, to keep people in line and to step them from pushing back, it needs to appear as though this is the case.

What this would also suggest is that there are the inventions that are revealed to the public more or less straight away and then there are the inventions that are kept back for a little while. There are also bound to be inventions that are kept back and are unlikely to ever be shared with humanity.

Unhinged People

If there were people around at this point in time who basically had no interest in their fellow human beings sovereignty, it is clear that these people were not mentally sane. For some reason, they saw themselves as overlords.

These people were most likely traumatised beings, which would have caused them to be so consumed by their ego that is wasn’t possible for them to realise their oneness with existence. The same most likely applies to those who have taken over from these people.

A Strange Situation

However, if this was the case, it can be hard to comprehend why these two people were allowed to share part of what’s in store up for humanity. Perhaps these two people were level headed and couldn’t just sit back and do nothing, and could see that putting what they heard into a story was the easiest and safest way for them to get the information out.

Then again, they might have been asked to write about this stuff to prepare people for what was to come. Through programming people in a very indirect way, it would have prepared their unconscious mind and created less resistance.


In the same way that serial killers often leave a clue, the people behind the scenes often do the same thing. But just as someone won’t see any constellations in the night sky if they don’t know what they are looking for; these clues will also be overlooked if they don’t know what do look out for.

Nonetheless, the only way that any of these plans can come into fruition is if the majority of people blindly go along to get along and don’t act like individuals. When someone surrenders their autonomy and acts like an extension of others, they are going to be a slave.

Using energy to try to prevent what is going on is not necessarily the answer either, as it can just strengthen what is taking place. When one embodies that which they want to experience in the world, they will be helping to create a new world.

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