Due to what has been taking place on the planet for almost two years, a lot of people are thinking about what the future holds. If some of these people were asked a number of years ago about what they thought would completely disrupt the world, they would have probably mentioned climate change or terrorism.

This is, of course, partly thanks to how much exposure the mainstream media gives to each of these things. For a select few, perhaps, it was likely that it be a virus that would do this.

A Number of Concerns

Some people are primarily worried about their own health, the health of their family and friends. For others, their main worry is how they are going to be able to support their family as time goes by.

The amount of restrictions that have been put in place and may be put in place in the future is another issue that is on so many people’s minds. For others, each of these points, as well as others, will be on their mind.

One Approach

Now, if someone is deeply concerned about what is going on, they could end up looking towards the mainstream media. This source can be seen as being there to serve one purpose and one purpose only – to keep humanity informed.

By tuning into this source, then, they will be able to find out about what is happening in the world and what is likely to happen in the future. Most likely, they will believe that they, along with most of their fellow human beings, are just passive observers of what is taking place.

Out of Their Hands

A small group of individuals, those with power and money, will be the ones who have the ability to change the world. This will be a view that the mainstream media continually validates, with this source portraying the average person as just a victim of circumstances.

Therefore, regardless of whether it relates to the contagion or anything else for that matter, it will simply be another scenario where humanity is being victimised by an external source. In this case, a vaccine is largely seen as the saviour; or to be more accurate, a number of them.

Another Approach

Alternatively, someone could look towards alternative news sources, and this can be a time when they will look into different prophecies. By doing this, they can come across information that says that what is taking place was destined to happen, as is what will take place as time passes.

Some of the things that are destined to happen can be “good” and some can be “bad”. Being exposed to this information can allow their mind to settle down and/or it can unsettle them even more.

Totally Powerless

But, if something that is destined to happen is “bad”, it is to be expected that they would be even more troubled than they were before. They will have access to information and will be “in the know” as a result but they won’t be able to do anything about it.

To use an analogy: it will be as though one is pinned to the ground and has been told that a car is driving towards them. They will be informed but they won’t be able to do anything about what will happen.

A Burden

Thus, they would probably be better off if they didn’t know about what will supposedly happen in the future. They might still suffer if this prediction comes true but at least they would be able to experience life differently before this point arrives.

This could be seen as the problem with a lot of the information that relates to what is supposedly taking place behind the scenes, so to speak; it typically leads someone feeling informed but hopeless. It’s almost as if this is the purpose of this information – to trap as many people as possible, thereby immobilising them in the process.

Another Angle

Anyway, while someone may believe that they, along with most of their fellow human beings, are just passive observers of what is happening and have very little control over what will happen, or that certain things are destined to happen, what if this is not the case? What if humanity as a whole has co-created what is and what will happen in the future?

This would mean that as opposed to being passive observers of reality, human beings are collectively creating their experience on this planet. This would also mean that human beings are not actually being victimised by anything “out there”, although it can seem this way on the surface; they are being victimised by their own creations.

Going Deeper

What can make it hard for someone to accept this is that their ego-mind creates the impression that they are just a passive observer of their reality. There will then be what is taking place in their inner world and what is taking place in the outer world, and these two worlds will be seen as separate.

In reality, their outer world is mirroring back what is taking place inside their inner world. Their outer world is not just mirroring back what is taking place in their conscious mind though; it is also mirroring back what is taking place in their unconscious mind.

A Different World

What is taking place within them is also feeding into the collective consciousness, which is made up of what is taking place for everyone else on the planet. Together, this inner material defines what does and doesn’t happen on this planet.

On one level, there are their thoughts, beliefs and expectations and, on another level, there are their feelings and emotions. Someone’s thoughts can direct their feelings but their feelings are where their creative power truly lies.

A New Story

With this in mind, if humanity wants to create a future that is not filled with drama and unnecessary suffering, it will be essential for as many people as possible to be discerning when it comes to what they focus on and expect. Placing their attention on what they want, not what they don’t want will be vital.

Another part of this will be the inner work that needs to be done. This will partly relate to healing emotional wounds, wounds that will primarily go back to someone’s younger years so that they are able to “raise” their own consciousness.

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