Nowadays, it is not uncommon for someone to act as though it is their purpose to save the world. The world is then going to be in a mess and it will be up to them to do something about it.

This could be something that will consume their whole life, meaning that it will be hard for them to take a step back and to relax. If they were to do this, they may believe that everything would get even worse.

A Heavy Weight

One is likely to be a very responsible person, and this may cause them to experience a lot of stress. It is not that being responsible is the problem per se; the problem is that they will take on far too much.

However, even if another person was to point this out to them, it doesn’t mean that it would have an impact on them. They are likely to be too attached to what they are doing to be able to change their behaviour.

Another Outcome

There are going to be plenty of people who supply them with positive feedback for behaving in this way. Some of these people will also believe that the world needs to be saved and this will cause them to behave in a similar manner.

Along with this, there will be others who have the same belief but this won’t be enough for them to behave in the same way. If they were to come into contact with people who don’t have this outlook, they might not listen to what they have to say.

A Number of Angles

Now, even though one will believe that the world needs to be saved, it doesn’t mean that they will focus on everything. As far as they are concerned, one area could be seen as being more important than any other area.

Therefore, if this area is sorted out, it will allow the world to fully recover. For example, one could believe that everything would be fine if everyone ‘woke up’ and embraced their true nature, or that the world would change if the right political party were in power.

Two Sides

Alternatively, one could have a view that is incredibly extreme, and this may mean that they believe that the world would be fine if all white people were removed or if there were no Muslims on the planet. But, no matter what they believe the problem is, what is ‘out there’ will need to be changed.

It will then be as though they are just observing the world and they are not playing a part in what they see. Said another way, one will be separate from what they see and there will then be no reason for them to change themselves in any way.

Out of Balance

In order for one to see themselves as simply an observer of their reality and to believe that they are not playing a part in what they do or don’t see, it is likely to show that they are out of touch with themselves. This is usually what takes place after someone has experienced trauma.

Instead of having a strong connection with their body - which would allow them to see that they are co-creators and observers – their attention is likely to primarily be in their head. This could show that this person lives in the west, or was brought up there.

A Natural Consequence

After one has experienced trauma, and this could be a one-off event or something they experienced on a regular basis, it would have caused them to leave their body. This is would have been something that just happened, as opposed to something that they consciously chose to do.

Perhaps their early years were a time when they experienced abuse and/or neglect, or maybe it related to what happened after these years. Once their attention was no longer divided between their head and body and was firmly rooted in their head, it would have set them up to see themselves as an observer of life.


One is then likely to be carrying a lot of pain in their body, and this pain will have an effect on how they experience life. But, as they are out of touch with this pain, they will end up projecting it onto the outside world.

Another way of looking at this would be to say that they will place the parts of themselves that they need to save onto others and the world in general. It will then be as though these people, along with the world, need to be saved.


Ultimately, this will be a defence mechanism that allows them to keep their pain at a safe distance. What this will do is to allow them to be caught up in the illusion that what is out there needs to be changed, not what is inside them.

Thus, it is not possible for one to dispassionately observe the world; everything they see is being filtered through their own belief system. And what they see is also the result of what they believe.

The Easy Option

If one was to no longer try to save the world and decided to bring their attention to what is going on inside their body, they might end up being overwhelmed by how they feel. This could be a time when they will feel powerless and worthless, for instance.

On the other hand, through trying to save the world, they can end up feeling powerful and even virtuous. So, even though they might do more harm than good by behaving in this way, they won’t have to face themselves.


When someone believes that it is up to them to save the world, they can be extremely deluded. Their mind can end up being closed to anything that goes against what they believe and they can try to control others.

The only thing that one can really do is to live their life and to be an example to others. What will also help is the realisation that they don’t always know best and that the universe knows far more than they do, which will make it easier for them to trust and to let go of the need to control everything.

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