Thanks to the current pandemic, a lot of people have been looking towards the mainstream media and the government for guidance. For a lot of these people, the aforementioned sources are seen as having all the answers.

Therefore, as long as they stay up-to-date with what these two sources say, they will know what do to and they will be safe, or as safe as they can be. In other words, the virus will be less likely to bring their time on this earth to an end.

The Same Scenario

Now, although more people may currently be looking towards these sources for guidance, this is something that people have done for aeons. Before the outbreak, lots of people looked towards these sources to keep them informed about what was going on and what to do about it.

In addition to this, just as there is greater pressure on health professionals to provide answers, this is also not something that is completely new. To use an analogy; it’s as though it’s always been warm, but now, the heat has been turned up a few notches.

The Foundations

When it comes to why someone would look towards an expert to inform them about what is going on, seeing their opinion as being more valuable than anyone else’s, it can be seen as partly the result of what they learnt during their time in the education system. Here, they would have been taught, both directly and indirectly, to respect authority.

These people would have known, whilst they themselves might not have been seen as knowing anything. Furthermore, they would have most likely seen their caregivers, at least for a time, as being all-knowing gods.

Two Levels

Many years will then have passed and yet, one will continue to place certain people on a pedestal. This might not even be something that they consciously think about; it could be something that just happens.

And in the same way that listening to and accepting what people like this said when they were growing up allowed them to experience an inner sense of certainty, the same thing will take place now that they are an adult. Ultimately, listening to and accepting what they say can settle their inner world down and allow them to feel safe and secure.

The Logical Thing to Do

With this aside, if someone has trained in a certain area for many, many years, it makes complete sense to listen to what they have to say. For one thing, not only might it take years for one to gain a thorough understanding of something, it could also be difficult for them to gain access to the right information.

Based on this, looking towards those in the know will allow one to find out what is going on without having to wait too long and to conserve their own energy. If they were to do their own research, they could also overlook important information and come to the wrong conclusions.

The Middle Ground

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that relying solely on the experts is the best approach to take. A more balanced approach would be for one to listen to what they have to say, to do their own research and to listen to their own guidance.

This will mean that they will have access to three sources of information; from those in the know, their own research and their body’s wisdom. The first two can make sense but the last one might confuse them.


When it comes to their body’s wisdom, they might wonder how this part of them can provide them with insight and guidance. As far as they are concerned, this part of them could just be seen as a part of them that carries their head around; not an area of their being that can guide them.

There are at least two reasons as to why they would perceive their body in this way and not see it as something that has its intelligence; an intelligence that is far greater to than what their memory bank up top can offer. Firstly, they can live in a society that worships the intellect and the left brain, and secondly, they may have disconnected from their body due to having experienced trauma.

A Closer Look

The education system, and maybe their parents, may have treated them as though they were a blank slate and they probably wouldn’t have been seen as a being that was born with an inner intelligence; an intelligence that was always available to them. This would have stopped them from developing a connection to his part to them.

If they experienced trauma during their early years, this would have caused them to separate from their body. This wouldn’t have been something that they consciously chose to do; it would have automatically taken place to ensure their survival.

Coming Home

For them to reconnect to their body and to the wisdom that is found there, it will be essential for them to work through their trauma. This will allow them to become a more integrated human being.

They will find that their body talks to them and that they know things without needing to look outside of themselves for answers. Their mind might often dismiss what their body says and this is something that they can simply acknowledge.


Taking this into account, if someone lives in a society that is mind-centred and doesn’t recognise, let alone considers the body’s wisdom, it will be perfectly normal for them to only look outside of themselves for answers and to be over-reliant on experts. The trauma that they have experienced throughout their life and even before they were born can prevent them from noticing that something isn’t right and that this is not the right way to live.

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