In the past, dermal fillers were only used by a small amount of women but, as time has passed, this has changed. Far more women use them than ever before and there are undoubtedly a number of reasons as to why this is.

One important distinction that needs to be made here is the difference between a dermal filler and Botox. A dermal filler is something that smoothes out the skin to reduce wrinkles; whereas Botox is something that freezes muscles to reduce wrinkles.

The Reasons

If something hasn’t been around for long, only a small amount of people can know about it and it can cost a fair amount of money. Therefore, as time goes by, more people can find out about it and the cost can come down.

Additionally, it can be hard to get hold of something if it has only just come out. So when it comes to fillers, not many women will have known about it at the beginning, it would have probably cost far too much for the average women to be able to afford to have this procedure done, and there would have only been a time when there were only a few places that offered this procedure.

A Key Part

When it comes to what has allowed more and more women to find out about this procedure, what can’t be overlooked is the effect that celebrities have had. There are certain celebrities that talk openly about what work they have had done, while there are those that hide it.

However, even if a female celebrity is not open about the fact that she uses fillers, it doesn’t mean that it will be hard to spot. Providing one is aware of how someone usually looks when they use them, it could stand out.

The Look

As someone gets older their face changes – the firmness and fullness that was there during their younger years will gradually disappear as the years go by. Thanks to dermal fillers, though, something can be done about it.

After someone gets a treatment, they may find that it lasts for about six to eighteen months. When it is done right it can make a massive difference but, as is the case with most things, if it isn’t done right it can lead to all kinds of problems.

All Ages

These fillers haven’t just been used by female celebrities who are heading towards the latter stages of their life; no, they have also been used by female celebrities who are in the early stages of their life. For some of these women, their teenage years won’t be very far behind them and there will be others that are still teenagers.

One way of looking at this would be to say that not everyone ages in the same way and this is why these younger women have this procedure done. Another way of looking at it would be to say that while this may be the case for some, for others it is a reflection of how insecure they are.

It’s Always There

So if a woman follows these celebrities online and spends a fair amount of time watching so-called reality TV, there is a strong chance that she will see a lot of women that use fillers. And, if this is how she lives her life, a number of her female friends could also use these fillers.

Let’s say that the years have gone by and her face is no longer as full as it used to be, she may have the need to undergo this procedure herself. This could be seen as understandable, given how much pressure there is in today’s world to look young.

Out of Balance

Nowadays, if something is new it is often seen as being better than something that is old, and this relates to objects as much as it does to people. What his has done is given some women, and some men are starting to getting caught up in this too, the view that they need to look like a teenager forever.

Of course, this is not something that is possible, no matter how many fillers one uses. Ultimately, if someone tries to look young forever, they are fighting a battle that they simple cannot win.

A Deeper Look

It would be easy to say that an older woman would have this pressure due to social pressure, but this would paint her as a victim. What is going on ‘out there’ is then going to define how she sees and feels about herself.

But what if there is another reason why a woman like this would feel the need to have this procedure done? Also, perhaps it is the same reason why a young woman, a woman whose face looks fine, would have the need to have this done.

What’s going on?

If a woman wants to have something done to her face, irrespective of what her age is, it is likely to show that she doesn’t feel comfortable in her own skin. Having something done to her appearance is then going to be seen as a way for this to change.

Yet, although it may seem as though her appearance is the problem, there is the chance that what is taking place inside her is preventing her from being able to see herself clearly. If this is so, it could show that she feels worthless.

Seeing with her mind, not her eyes

As a result of this, it might not matter what she does to her appearance as it won’t change how she actually feels about herself – if it does, it probably won’t last. In order for her to view of herself to change, she will need to change her inner world.

If this takes place, she may find that it is lot easier for her to accept her appearance and by doing this; her whole demeanour is likely to change. Other people will pick up on how she feels about herself, either consciously or unconsciously, and be drawn to her energy.


If a woman believes that she is worthless and carries a far amount of toxic shame, it could show that her early years were not very nurturing. Perhaps this was a time when she was abused and/or neglected.

There will be the beliefs that she will need to question and the toxic shame inside her that will need to be brought out into the light, so that it can gradually dissipate. This is something can take place with the assistance of a therapist, healer or a support group.

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