Over the years, numerous people have said that the world would be a far better place if it was no longer run men. In their eyes, a world run by women would lead to a world that is far better for everyone.

When someone has this view, they can see men as being one way and women as being another way. It can be as though men are aggressive, violent, competitive and destructive, whilst women are empathetic, harmonious, cooperative and constructive.

The Obvious Solution

Having women in just about every position of power and influence is the going to be the answer to the problems that are plaguing the world. It can be as though men have done enough to harm the world and others, and now it is time for them to step down and to pass the baton over to women.

It might seem as though it wouldn’t take very long for the world to change if this was to take place. Therefore, if the men in power actually cared about the planet and their fellow human beings, they would surrender their power.

Not Equal

Another way of looking at this would be to say that the reason the world would be better with women at the helm is because they are more evolved than men. Unlike men, they don’t have the desire to control or dominate anyone or anything

They care about others people’s feelings, and want to work in harmony with others and nature. So, unlike men, they realise that they are not separate from anything, which is why they function differently.


Thus, in the same way that children learn from their caregiver’s and teachers how to behave, men would be able to learn from the women in power how to behave. And, slowly but surely, the planet would gradually transform into heaven on earth.

One of the biggest problems with this is that most men in power are unlikely to simply give up their positions of power. No matter how convincing the argument is that the world would be better if they were to step down, it is highly unlikely that this would happen.

A Slow Process

It will then be essential for the men and the women who have this outlook to keep doing everything they can to get more women in power. This is something they can do by sharing their views online, and, if someone is a woman, they can put themselves forward when a position of power comes up.

Like most things that are worth doing, this is not going to happen overnight, but, with patience and persistence, progress will be made. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it is unlikely that the Minoan civilization appeared overnight either.

Stepping Back

When someone believes that the world would be better if it was run by women, it could be said that they have an idealised view of women. Women are then not going to be just people who have good and bad traits; they are going to be goddesses who are walking the earth.

By overlooking the fact that they are flawed beings just like men, it will be easy to see them through rose coloured glasses. In order for someone to perceive women in this way, they will need to do everything they can to avoid reality.

Two Elements

Now, this is not to say that both men are women are the same in every way. A woman can possess more of the feminine energy than a man, and, a man can possess more of the masculine energy than a woman.

Empathy, harmony and cooperation are closely connected to the feminine, while aggression, competition and destruction are closely connected to the masculine. Nonetheless, a woman can still be out of touch with her feminine aspect, just as a man can be out of touch with his masculine aspect.

Looking Deeper

Taking this into consideration, it is not so much about whether man or a woman is in power; what really matters is what is taking place within someone. To say that a woman would be better in a position of power for simply being a woman is surely a clear example of what happens when someone can’t think rationally, or at least can’t think rationally when it comes to this area of life.

If a woman is in touch with her feminine nature, along with her masculine nature, this may allow her to make decisions will have a positive effect on the world, and the same goes for a man. But, if she is out of touch with her feminine nature and too caught up in her masculine nature, she can end up being just as destructive as a man who is also out of balance.

The Real World

Equally, if a woman is in touch with her feminine nature but out of touch with her masculine nature, it can also lead to problems, and the same can be said for a man. There are, of course, a number of countries in the world where there are plenty of women in positions of power, yet this hasn’t lead to a utopian existed.

Germany and Sweden, for instance, have plenty of women making the decisions, and these are countries that are unable to protect their citizens. Ironically, it appears as though women are the ones who have suffered the most.

Out of Balance

One way of looking at this would be to say that the reason these women have made such bad decisions - decisions that have put their fellow citizens at risk - is due to the fact that they haven’t integrated their masculine aspect. These women have displayed empathy and concern for people from other countries, but through operating from their hearts (empathy and compassion) and putting their mind to one side (rationality and critical thinking), they have been incredible naive and oblivious to the fact that not everyone has good intentions.

Perhaps if they were more in touch with their masculine aspect, they would have been less idealistic and more realistic. Additionally, they might have been able to see how important borders are when it comes to protecting a country and a culture.


It is easy to look back on societies that were run by women, such as the Minoan civilisation, and to believe that this shows that it is better to have women in power. The trouble with this viewpoint is that it creates the impression that every woman is the same.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether someone is a man or a woman; what matters is the level of consciousness that they embody. It is then not about having more women in power, it is about having people in power who are integrated human beings.

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