CRM is one of the most effective tools you can use in your organization as it is helpful to nurture and improve customer relationships. Those who have successfully implemented CRM must know how CRM is valuable? But there are many businesses that still have to adopt CRM in their organizations.

This could be due to cost and resources and the lack of senior management buy-in. CRM can be sweeping and varied as you can imagine, that means it can be as straightforward or as complicated as you wish. About 72% of CRM users say that they would trade functional complexity for a simple CRM that is easier to use. When you get started with CRM, remember to keep it simple.

Here are the CRM features that you need to get aware of.
Useful Features of CRM

Projects: With powerful Project Management Features, one can manage and invoice projects. Even you can track time spent on the tasks and bill your customers. The CRM can assign multiple staff members in tasks and track timer assigned per staff.

Expenses: CRM can create recurring expenses by setting up a recurring expense which will be automatically created after the specified period. The period could be days, weeks, months or years. It can set expenses billable to customers or specific projects.

Subscriptions: Using Stripe subscriptions feature, you can bill your customers in a faster way. For this, you need to create a subscription, send the subscription to your customers and let Krify CRM and Stripe do all the work on behalf of you.

E-signature: E-signature is the one best feature available in the Krify CRM that is useful for contracts, proposals and estimates. Let your customers quickly sign those documents and make your life easier.

Time Sheets Reports: In this feature, you can have a clear view of the time logged for every task. By using filters to see total logged time by projects and by the staff member.

Easily Copy Tasks: Here, you can copy tasks with all the data, including assignees, followers checklist items, attachments.

Easily send estimates to customers: it can create estimates, and once the estimates were accepted, it will automatically convert to the invoice.

Personal to-do list: To increase productivity, each staff has their own personal to-do list. Each team can change todo status by drag and drop.

Custom Fields: You can append custom fields on PDF for invoices, payments, estimates, proposals and many valuable features. Using this feature, you can configure the best-fitted CRM for your business. It can show in the customer portal or table.

Calendar: Using this feature, you can have a clear view of all your company events upcoming invoice payments, contract expirations, estimates expirations, task finish date, reminders etc. Using this you will never miss anything from the calendar.

From the above-mentioned features, it is clear that the Krify CRM has some unique features which are most useful for your business.

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