Residential Center of Educative Opportunities of Mayaguez that is known as CROEM School Mayaguez in short is one of the public secondary and specialized high schools of Puerto Rico in United States. The school is controlled by the Puerto Rico Department of Education.


Founded in 1967-68, the school was academically adopted in 1990-91 by University of Puerto Rice.
It was identified as the Mayaguez campus of the University of Puerto Rico.
In 1992-93 it was inscribed among the specialized school units of Puerto Rico department of Education.
In the 25th year of its founding; in 1992-93, the school achieved the Blue Ribbon Award that is conferred for excellence in educational services by the Federal Department of Education.
CROEM Mayaguez is accredited by the General Council of Education in the state of Puerto Rico for a period of six years.


Admission to the schools is available to all the students belonging to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Open for the grades 9th to 12th, the schools requires the prospective candidates to meet certain requirements. These requirements are –
Students must face and pass out the standardized tests;
A few letters of recommendations must be submitted by the students;
GPA should be higher than 3.50; and
Only 160 students are annually accepted for admission by the school.


CROEM center is located in the State Road 349 at distances of around 6.6 kilometers from Cerro Las Mesas in Mayaguez in the State of Puerto Rico. One can have a panoramic view of municipalities like the Cabo Rojo, San German, Hornigueros, and Lajas from the campus. The Caribbean Sea can also be appreciated well. Due to the high altitudes as well distance from urban centers, the students are not permitted leaving the center. It is also used by Federal government for the Globe Program.

Town Fairs

An occasion of interest for many held in the campus is the Town Fair. It was started in 1968 and it celebrated its 40th anniversary in the year 2008.

Schools like CROOEM help students come out with development of their personality in a different way than in the traditional schools with an altogether different environment.

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