Today, running a business is not as easy as it seems to be. On the one hand, where you need to take care of your employees, alongside, you also need to heed the business growth.

In the process to set up a company, company registration is one of the crucial phases to increase your business trust and serve better to your customers.

Having a limited company comes with various benefits. However, you should follow some essential tips when forming a limited company.

Choose the Right Package: There are different packages that you can choose from while registering a limited company. You should research thoroughly before finalizing the right package for your company.

Hire Right Accountant: Accounting services is crucial to maintain while running a limited company. So, you should hire the right accounting service provider or set up your own accounting team to handle your accounts.

Keep Your Name & Company name Aside: Always remember not to blend your name with the company name. Make sure all the assets you create for the company works as a different entity and is not connected with you.

Maintain Discipline: There are many periodic tasks like tax payment, company growth evaluation, registration renewal, etc. which should be done without a halt.

Now you have decided to form a limited company. Still, you should be aware of its pros and cons. Let's start with its Pros:

Limited Liability: The foremost benefit of a limited company is a limited liability. It means the director/owner of the company is entirely free from any risk of losing the home and their assets in case of company downfall. It also protects the other businesses being run by the owner.

Low Tax Burden: To increase your profit, a limited company is a beneficial option to consider. A limited company has tremendous tax benefits as compared to other options. The tax levels are lesser than the personal tax rates. Some niches are lifted with no tax benefit to grow the business's demand.

Business Security: If you have registered a limited company with a mediator, you may have business protection with added securities. You can further ask the securities with the mediator you have opted for.

Business Survival: Mostly, the limited company exists more than you expect. Unlike LLP and private limited companies, the limited company exists for long and serves the employees.

This doesn't mean you don't have any demerits of getting a limited company. Below are some cons of registering a limited company.

Legal Issues: The benefits offered to the directors/owners invite strict and legal obligations on them to ensure they don't misuse their powers. The powers provided to them are always bounded with legal obligations.

Regular Reporting: A limited company needs to submit a detailed report of its annual accounts to maintain transparency.

Publicity: Another big con of a limited company is publicizing your business details to the public. However, there are options you can choose to protect your personal information from getting public.

So, if you are running a limited company, or planning to start one, these are some crucial points that should be considered to make it a successful company and earn the endless profit.

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