Swimming pool renovation sometimes becomes a fundamental choice in order to rejuvenate a rather old and neglected pool. Besides if you want to beautify the immediate pool area, remodeling becomes necessary. 

How long will a swimming pool renovation project take? 

Generally pool renovation varies because of a lot of factors starting from the budget you have ascertained, the size of the pool/adjoining area and the state of the swimming pool. Under normal scenarios the renovation usually takes place in a few weeks. However, complex renovations often take more time. Usually a complex pool renovation project will include tiling, concreting, plastering and plumbing. Also, Swimming pool renovation projects in Melbourne can turn cost intensive when there is a need for investments on new equipment. 

The steps involved in swimming pool renovation

Pool renovation involves a set of primary steps which have been discussed in the following lines. Have a look: 

Draining a swimming pool 

A crucial step like this can take less or more time, depending on the size of the pool. Besides, the role of draining comes into play when the swimming pool needs resurfacing or remodeling. Sometimes a submersible pump is used to drain the water. 


Occasionally owners with concrete pools might require investing in resurfacing which becomes necessary when the surface gets cracked or damaged. Swimming pool owners at times delay the process or overrule it completely which ultimately results in more damage. Bigger issues are likely to arise when resurfacing is not done on time. Resurfacing adds new life to a pool, making it usable. 


Resurfacing is followed by tiling. When there are existing tiles and the owner wants them removed, the process should be accomplished before the resurfacing job. However the time span for a Melbourne tiling and renovations job mostly depends upon the type of tiles which are used. 


Next, we have plumbing. Among the different steps involved in a swimming pool renovation project, plumbing deserves to be on top, because a swimming pool is built on proper plumbing infrastructure. If the existing plumbing works don’t look nice and capable of giving desired results, talk to a pool contractor to get new lines installed. 

Beautify the surroundings 

Concrete pools usually take time. If you want to beautify the surroundings of a concrete pool it is better you take some time in hand and don’t let assumptions spoil the process. The restoration part usually takes a day’s time to complete. The major steps included are landscaping or poolscaping. They are part of the restoration job. 

Cleaning and adding water 

Swimming pool cleaning is a complex job. It demands acid washing the pool followed by adding finishing to the facility by including pebbles, quartz or any other type of finish. 

Mixing in chemicals 

When it’s a concrete pool there is a likelihood that the swimming pool might showcase pebble or plaster finish. Based on the finishing of the pool, the acidic or alkaline level of the pool can be determined. 

If you want to bring that old shine in your swimming pool or want to get a newly constructed pool you must look for pool renovation or tiling services professionals in Melbourne. 

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The author runs a Swimming pool renovation project in Melbourne. In recent times the author has been shedding light on various aspects related to swimming pool renovation.