There’s no doubt about it: 2021 has been a big year for cryptocurrency. Decentralized finance, in particular, has had a stellar year, and traders have (mostly) been smiling.

It has become more apparent than ever this year that anyone with a half decent portfolio needs a good portfolio tracker. Investment opportunities have exploded, and trying to keep track of more than a couple of defi assets without a tracker isn’t easy.

So, who should really be using a portfolio tracker if they aren’t already?
Why use a portfolio tracker, anyway?

If your portfolio is simple, with only one or two assets, or your strategy is just to buy one or two assets and hold them, you might not need a portfolio tracker. You can use a spreadsheet for manual tracking.

That said, you still might be leaving money on the table if you plan on trading your assets, as opportunities come and go quickly in the fast-paced defi world.

If your portfolio is more complex or you’re an active trader with lots of irons in the fire, you’ve probably already tried a portfolio tracker, because otherwise, you’d be spending your life managing your portfolio. You might’ve also found that many of the earlier tracking apps had limitations or were difficult to use.

The next generation of portfolio trackers to the rescue
Dexfolio and other developers have recognized the need for better tracking options. Many of the earliest tracking apps were adapted from centralized finance apps rather than designed specifically for defi, and others were adapted from desktop apps.

This resulted in cluttered code and a user experience that was often awkward. Many newcomers to defi tried these early tracking apps and decided that they were best left to the experts, an unfortunate perception that led to many first-time users regarding defi as too complex to understand.

Dexfolio’s developers are doing their best to change such perceptions within the industry, as are other developers. Their focus is on an app that offers a smooth and enjoyable user experience, with features that are easy to understand and use. Their belief is that portfolio management should be easy and save time. Try the Dexfolio app - free forever.

One of the important things for active traders is alerts that make sense. If you’re watching a particular token or coin, the alerts must be meaningful to be useful. This means that the information you receive must help you to make decisions quickly, knowing that it is reliable and accurate.

How has Dexfolio taken care of that problem?
How do smart alerts work?
Dexfolio has created smart alerts, its flagship feature. Rather than setting alerts for each individual coin or token, you can set a percentage change across your entire portfolio that takes into account the value of your original investment.

This is important because as you trade your asset, the amount you first paid for it can become lost amongst multiple transactions, meaning that you don’t really know its current value in comparison to its starting point.

Dexfolio’s smart alerts feature takes care of that problem by referencing the initial investment each time it shows a percentage increase or decrease for that asset.
The annoying things you won’t miss …
One of the irritating things about some of the earlier trackers was the necessity to set an alert for each token, usually expressed as a dollar value. Once this amount was reached (as an increase or decrease in price), the alert would go off and you would have to reset the alert for a different amount to continue monitoring the asset.

By setting a percentage change across the entire portfolio, you avoid having to reset each individual alert each time it reaches the alert point. With Dexfolio’s app, you can adjust individual tokens as you need to, and you can also mute tokens that are not of interest.
When less is more
Minimalism is not for everyone, but Dexfolio recognizes the value of a fast, smooth app with a streamlined user interface. By clearing away the clutter, Dexfolio has created an app with just the features its community needs rather than an entire defi ecosystem.

This makes the app simple to use, and everyone from beginners to seasoned traders can benefit. Speed is important in the defi space, when a matter of a minute or less can mean the difference between significant profit or loss. The app has been designed to load quickly, with most features accessible with one or two taps from the home screen.

Designed by traders for traders, Dexfolio’s app is fast, intuitive, and streamlined, resulting in a good user experience regardless of the user’s trading background.
Looking to the future

Given the rapid changes taking place in the crypto industry, any developer that intends to stick around must have plans for the future.

Dexfolio has a solid vision for the future, with new features planned in consultation with its community. As the industry grows, Dexfolio intends to grow with it, with the flexibility to respond to industry changes and needs.

Thinking ahead means staying on top of industry trends, monitoring the changing demographics of users, creating technology that makes the industry more accessible to everyone, and being able to change direction when necessary.

Dexfolio’s leaders have a vision for the future and the team to help them carry it out. Watch this space.

Author's Bio: 

Ben Sash is the founder and CEO of Dexfolio, the company behind the industry-leading cryptocurrency tracking app.
Ben has led the development and design of digital products for over six years in his various roles with prominent e-commerce brands.
With his experience in leadership, product design, and agile development, Ben has built an unstoppable team and compiled the vision for Dexfolio to shape the industry and become a leader in its sector.