This is the first of a two-part article about pendulums. First you’ll learn how to choose one, and in the next article I’ll show you how to use your pendulum – that’s where the real fun begins!

So – you’ve made the decision to try your hand at using one of these little divination devices called a pendulum. What’s next? How do I pick my pendulum? Crystal or brass – once in a while you even see a wooden one? Pyramid or spherical, or even star or flower shaped? Do I need one of those fancy pendulum boards or cloths with the yes-no-maybe-I don’t know directions?

As for the first three questions (how to pick, material and shape) the answer is ‘yes’. The last? Nope – though they can be nice to have, they’re not mandatory.

Especially when you’re first beginning, choose the pendulum that calls to you. It’s best if you can choose your pendulum in person (my marketing instructor is having another one of his fits right about now), so I’m going to talk about that first. Don’t worry – you can still pick out a fantastic pendulum by mail or internet. In fact, the one I like to use the most I ordered off the ‘net.

OK – you’re lucky enough to have a new age shop in your area, and you see the display rack with about 30 different pendulums hanging there – oh look – there’s even a couple pendulums in boxes behind the glass. Should I automatically go to the obviously better ones, the one’s you have to ask to see?

No, not necessarily. Go to the display rack and see if any pendulums stand out to you. Does one catch your eye? Run your hand slowly over them – do you feel anything? Any warmth or a slight tingling? If you do, you’re in luck. Just hang on – the rest of us need to catch up to you.

What do you mean do I feel anything?

In choosing crystals, wands and pendulums, you often hear something like ‘pick the one you feel calling to you’. That’s not totally a metaphor. In choosing a crystal (which many pendulums are made from), pick it up. Close your eyes and try to block everything out (this can be hard to do if you’re the shy type in a store by yourself. Don’t worry – everyone will naturally assume you know exactly what you’re doing, especially if you’re not just going for the ‘pretty one’ ).

Do you feel anything? A slight tingle or maybe a hardly detectable warmth that you know wasn’t there before? (I say ‘hardly detectable’ because it’s not going to be so hot it burns, or feels like your phone on vibrate – we’re talking reality here.) Give it a few seconds – anything? If not, go on to the next pendulum, and try again. If you’re picking from a bowl of them, start by kind of riffling through them with your fingers, or picking up a small handful at once – it can be a real time saver!

So you’ve gone through the whole rack and n-o-t-h-i-n-g! But your favorite stone is amethyst and out of 30 pendulums there’s only 1 amethyst. Or maybe the triquetra is your favorite symbol and there are only a couple with that symbol on it. Or you’re into the ultra-modern-type look and they have a brass pendulum that looks totally modern and cool.

Guess what? You’ve found your pendulum!

This is where that lucky person comes back in. Everyone here? OK – let’s move on.

How do you know this is the right one? See if it responds to you. Take in a few deep, cleansing breaths, block out your surroundings and bring the pendulum up in your cupped hands and with a deep breath slowly exhale onto the pendulum. Now pick up the “handle” end and hold it loosely between your thumb and index finger. Keep still and just hold it.

Does anything happen? Does it look like the pendulum is slightly vibrating? Better yet, does is begin swinging? (Again, we’re talking reality here – we’re not looking for obvious, grand motions)

If it does, you’ve found your pendulum. Congratulations!

If not, and you’ve tried every one – fear not! Your pendulum isn’t choosing you – you’ll just have to choose it!

Pick out the one you like best (really). Your inner voice knows which one it wants – just listen to it. There are other ways to align your energies to a pendulum (or anything else for that matter) – it’s just nice to have a jump-start on the process.

If you’re not lucky enough to be able to purchase one in person (or if you fall totally in love with one of the many pendulums I carry – just kidding) just go with your gut. Pick a favorite stone or symbol – or one that matches your personality. Maybe there’s one that would compliment your altar perfectly. Or you’re totally into the Greenman and you see a pendulum with his visage. You get the idea.

When you get your pendulum home cleanse it in your normal way and then carry it around with you – this is the easiest way to align a pendulum, or any magickal tool, with your energies.

And that’s all there is to it. You’re all set to start playing with your new pendulum! (I mean properly programming your pendulum…) That is when the real fun begins! But that’s a topic for another article…

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Caileigh has been a practicing solitary Wiccan for over 9 years. She hopes that through her web sites and articles she will be able to help break at least some of the fear & stereotypes that are so often related to paganism today. Wicca's first and foremost law is 'to do no harm'. They need not be feared.
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