Crystal jewelry is the perfect way to add sparkle and color to your outfits whether you are dating or hanging out with your friends. You will find bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and much more with stunning crystals. Usually, you will also find crystal pieces that will fit almost any budget.

You can find crystal jewelry in almost any large box or department store. Before you buy, decide what colors (including metal) you want for your jewelry. While your budget isn’t very large, it takes at least a few minutes to browse the various department stores online because crystal jewelry isn’t always expensive and is often on sale.

Check out the online service for teens and young adults like as we tend to have trendy styles at incredibly affordable prices. If you like your crystal jewelry paired with other pieces, these stores allow you to create a whole new piece of jewelry without breaking the bank.

If you just want a top-notch song or two that lasts for several years and you’re not so interested in following trends, specialty stores like Swarovski and other jewelry stores are a good place to start. You will find crystals that can pass to diamonds without the high price of a diamond.


At first glance, the Cosmic Necklace seems to be something you would only wear in the fanciest outfits and special events. Imagine, however, that it is combined with a maximum and a Chambray shirt or denim jacket. Rich in blue, green, purple, and white, it blends beautifully with the bolder shades of fall and winter, casual or stylish.

A crystal sugar collar would fit well anywhere and would look especially interesting when paired with a longer necklace with a blouse or V-neck, though it could also stand alone with a small black dress.


Raindrop Crystal Earrings are great for anything except your casual outfit. The hanging style and sparkle will pay more attention to your face. They have a drop of about 1.5 inches, the perfect size to play well with other jewelry without mixing with your overall band background.

Crystal Rainbow Earrings show how fun crystals can be, Blue, Green, Orange, and Pink crystals are set in silver-plated brass.


The Swarovski amusement ring bears the appropriate name. It has a whimsical vibe mixed with sophistication and it just takes you back. Choose from blue crystals and a palladium plating or rose gold with a mix of delicate stones. Each ring has three spherical models in three different sizes. This design fits anywhere.

BP. Stacking rings allow you to mix and match the rings to customize their appearance. These combine metal and stones in gold.


The black Crystaldust Bangle Double turns heads and goes well with any blue jeans to a little black dress. It is available in five other dazzling colors, including blue, white, gold, black/silver, and gray. Choose from small or medium to fit your wrist.

The Crystal Lace-Look bracelet is a stylish piece that adds extra beauty to your most stylish outfits. It is made of silver metal and has clear crystals and looks like shiny lace.


The gold crystal flower brooch resembles the jewelry of the past. The pink Austrian crystals here are neither front nor middle, but they accentuate the general shape of the brooch. Put it on a sweater or hat or wear a scarf or jacket. It’s about two inches long, so it’s big enough to start a conversation when combined with monochrome colors that don’t get lost.

A little more unusual is the Buzzing Bee brooch, which has little money. Measuring about 1.25 inches by one inch, it looks at home with a scarf, sweater, or denim jacket. Contains clear, citrine, and orange stones.

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