There are many people today looking for alternative means of healing and one of the options available is crystals healing. A person knowledgeable in this method of healing understands the energies crystals have and can use different ones to help restore balance to a person, which in turn improves their physical and mental well being. Crystals healing Abu Dhabi and anywhere are an ancient tool used in energy healing used through different countries, cultures, and religions. Today, people are in need more than ever for alternatives to traditional medication and this is one that is safe and can bring amazing benefits.

With the use of special crystals along with meditation or a form of spiritual ceremony, the crystals are put on the body as a person relaxes, or in waters as you bathe or relax, or in a drink. From them, amazing healing benefits happen. You can find crystals in types, shapes, and colors and an expert in their energies would know which ones to use according to the needs of the person visiting them. For those following the technique of Chakra healing, there are certain colors and types for different physical ailments or spiritual pain. Crystals healing Abu Dhabi can help you find tranquility, healing and lift your state of mind.

The effect you feel is not an explosion but it is more a focus inwards to trust your self and know that improvements are happening within. When you pay attention inwards you will feel the journey beginning into a new life where crystal healing can enhance your world in more than one way. Here is a closer look at just four of the crystals that might be used for healing purposes.

  1. Amethyst – Used to help with depression and anxiety as it is calming and enhances a person's serenity. Also good for treating migraines and headaches and thought of as a Master healing stone.
  2. Rose Quartz – Used to help boost self-esteem and offers emotional healing, peace, love, and kindness.
  3. Agates – Offers those that wear it and use protection and is especially beneficial to children. With an agate healing session, you can feel more centered in both your emotions and your thoughts.
  4. Chakras – Using Chakra stones can be to the benefit of a person's spirit, mind, body, and spirit. There are 7 chakras, and 7 examples of stones that might be used are Smokey Quartz, Hematite, or Black Onyx for the Root Chakra. The Sacral Chakra uses orange looking stones like the Tiger's Eye. The Solar Plexus Chakra uses yellow stones like Jasper. The Heart Chakra uses green or pink stones like Rose Quartz. The Throat Chakra uses stones like Aquamarine. The Third Eye Chakra uses stones like Amethyst. The Crown Chakra uses stones like Moonstone or Clear Quartz.


When you visit an expert for crystals healing Abu Dhabi or reiki session Abu Dhabi you can gain so much. Better sleep, feeling better physically but also feeling stronger inside. You can also boost the effects you get from such sessions by asking your expert on what stones to take home and how to place and use them to get the most benefits from them.

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