The most challenging part of recruitment procedure in Civil Services is the two exams that one has to face as a pre-requisite. IAS prelims exam (also known as CSAT) and IAS mains exam are highly competitive exams and require thorough preparation. Though IAS prelims are preceded by IAS mains, both of them are equally tough. It is very important to clear these exams to reach the interview stage which would lead you to the final recruitment training. Both the exams cover a vast syllabus which includes various subjects such as political science, geology, English, mathematics, science and technology, logics etc. Current affairs are also a part of these exams, which make them all the more challenging.
When we think of the best job provided to us, IAS is the most viable option for us. It is a job which gives us the power to work in the administrative department of the government. We manage the bureaucracy, address to the grievances of the people and find apt solutions. Such a power and prestige also brings along, good income, housing facilities, transportation facilities, and other additional perks. All these factors add up to the reputation of civil services as the best sector to provide high profile jobs. As an IAS officer, you are looked upon by others and become an active citizen of the country who is working for the betterment of the society.

Clearing the IAS prelims and IAS mains is very essential. They are an entry ticket to a highly reputed life which you earn through hard work and dedication. There are many students who try every year to clear these exams; there are some others who leave many renowned careers to take up the job of an IAS officer. Such is the charm of becoming a part of the highly coveted civil services. One has to keep constant touch with any changes in the syllabus or additions. Like in 2011, there has been a change in the IAS prelims. The earlier optional subjects have been replaced by CSAT. CSAT is a civil service aptitude test which is common to all unlike optional subjects which were a part of prelims and often lead to variations in the results of candidates.

If you are connected to various websites that provide IAS exam information, it can be very beneficial. Also, keep practicing question papers of both Ias prelims exam and IAS mains. These question papers will give you a gist of the kind of questions asked in the exam and would also help you to test your own capability.

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