Our Government has made serious efforts to spread the message of education all across the country. Due to previous surveys it was noticed that a large mass of children in India are uneducated, which on the whole affects our country. After the implementation of the Right of Children to free and compulsory education act in 2009, there has been a huge demand for teachers for secondary and higher education. However, in order to pass the eligibility criterion to apply for these posts one has to give the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET).
Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) is specially designated to appoint capable teachers for the spread of education. The required teachers have to be at par with the current education system which allows students and teachers to participate equally and avoids the rote system. Teachers are required at every level of education in our lives, and since a lot of schools and colleges have opened there is a huge demand for highly trained teachers who teach the students well and also undertake other responsibilities related to education.
CTET is a tough exam due to the standard set up by the government for the recruitment. It is not ready to compromise on quality of the teachers. CTET would ensure the entry of only the best candidates, who not merely have textual knowledge but also have a general knowledge of the things around. Here are some basic tips for recruitment:
Your selection will be based on your resume. Make sure your resume is very strong and highlights your strengths instead of your weaknesses.
You should have excellent spoken skills. It is important to be able to communicate with the students well in order to teach them.
Your knowledge should not be confined to texts. It is a world which depends highly on current affairs. You need to have a basic knowledge of things around you.
Your mind should be open to the new education system. You should adopt a broad minded way of teaching, where students are allowed to voice their opinions.
You should keep these tips in mind as they will not only help you in the recruitment but will also make you a good teacher. CTET is a medium to judge the overall personalities of the teachers and not merely their academic knowledge. It aims at raising the standard of education in India with the help of broad-minded team of faculty.

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