Over the years the VC developed simple but effective techniques to make their tunnels difficult to detect or disable . Wooden trapdoors were camouflaged with earth and branches, some were booby-trapped . Hidden underwater entrances from riverwere constructed .Trapdoors were installed throughout the network to prevent tear gas . Ben Dinh is small , renovated section of the tunnels system , is near the village of Ben Dinh.
Kim was born in 1963 in the hamlet of Trang Bang, 30 miles north of Saigon. Her full name means "Golden Happiness" in Vietnamese. She remembers happiness despite a childhood of war. On that tragic day in June 1972, the tiny hamlet of Trang Bang was occupied by NLF forces. The South Vietnamese Army's 25th Division was called in and heavy bombing began. At 2pm the South Vietnamese dropped white phosphorous marker bombs. As she ran with the other children, four drums of napalm dropped on the road. Two of her infant brothers were killed instantly.

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HCM - Cu Chi Tunnels & Napalm Girl Video : ( L )
Located about 60km from Ho Chi Minh city , Cu Chi is now considered a heroic district for it’s role in the American war in VietNam , it is legendary for it’s tunnels system of over 200kms , and it’s the most sophisocated network in mankind ever built . look like spiderweb underground . you will get the chance to crawl some hundred meter of tunnels system with 3 level , such as hospital , kitchen , meeting bunker , fighting bunker at 1st level , look out the tunnels booby trap , bomb crater , mines . you will find it hard to imagine the destructions , damage and defoliation all over the area , caused by U S weapons , when Cu Chi was “ a free strike zone “ , the remnants you will see that Cu Chi still has her evidence to prove the fierce battleground that took place there .Ever wonder what it feels like to fire an AK-47 , or machinegun M60 ,M30 ?
After visited the Tunnels , you have a lunch at local restaurant , then drive to Kim Phuc's Home, in Trang Bang town , with 45 minutes Video ( Napalm Girl ),and small Cao Dai temple then back to HCMC . End of service .
Included : air-con transfer , entrance fees , lunch, English or French guide.
Start: 8:00am Return: 03:30 am
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