Many career aspirants have little knowledge that the career of store manager can give them substantial lift. Almost every enterprise while large and small; require the services of store manager for effectively managing the inventory.

Job Profiles

Store managers are responsible for accomplishment of numerous tasks such as –

* Running the commercial performance in both wholesale as well as the retail outlets by keeping the flow of inventories intact;
* Managing the stores and to oversee that no item is stored in excess and no item is out of stock whether it is larger or small enterprise, super market or high way stores;
* Sometimes they are entrusted with the responsibility of running the store as a whole while at other times they are given the responsibility of running some specific parts of the stores entrusted to them;
* Ensuring that sales target is attended so that profits are optimized;
* Dealing with customer service related issues including queries and complaints;
* Health and security issues;
* Staff management that includes interviews and recruitment, supervision of the departmental managers and staff as well as organizing the training; and
* Overseeing stock control and ensuring quality as well as quantity of the stocks.

Working Environment

Usually store managers work in a busy environment and the average working hours could be in the range of 35-40 hours per week. No tours and travels are usually involved except on rare occasions when the manager may have to visit the wholesale stores or shipyard or freight yard of the railways. Usually the work is office based.

Required Skills

Basic skill requirements for store managers –

* Leadership and self motivation qualities;
* Good communication capabilities;
* Committed to the needs of customers;
* Should be adaptable and quick thinker;
* Always willing to shoulder responsibility;
* Enjoying fast moving and pressurized environments;
* Understanding relevant laws; and
* Should be comfortable with use of information technology.

Career Opportunities

Almost every public and private organization having stock and stores require stores managers to manage inventories and for various other tasks. Therefore, those involved in career search can also hope to build up the career as a manager of the stores.

Multiple academies are offering regular courses for building up career of stores manager and aspirants can take advantage of the same.

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