Basic job of investment bankers is to provide governments as well as corporations and others with investment services that include buying, selling, trading of securities, management of assets as well as giving financial advices to the clients.

Major Banks in the Field

Bulk of investment banking in the country is carried out by five leading firms in the field those are –

Merrill Lynch;
Morgan Stanley,
Dean Witter;
Salomon-Smith-Barney; and
Goldman Sachs.
While there are some middle level banks like the piper Jaffray, there are also a number of smaller banks filling the gaps for small investments. These are also the major forces those can help the aspirant candidates in their pursuit of career building as investment banker.

Career Overview

On a closer look the career of investment banker has the following characteristics.

It involves a lot of risk and a lot of work but can give a lot of satisfaction as well.
Career of investment banker is not the easiest one to adopt.
Entry level employees have to work long hours and have hard times.
It is very difficult to start the career and make it jumpstart. But once rolling it could be highly rewarding.
Requirements for Success

Some of the requirements for success in the career of investment banker are as follows –

In depth analysis is necessary for success as investor banker.
Excellent capacity for negotiation is essential.
Ability to calculate and therefore mastery of mathematics comes up very handy in such career.
Knowledge in accounting will also be very useful for the investor.
Lawyers and scientists can help out in variety of areas in respect of investment banking.
Job Opportunities for Career Aspirants

Major Job opportunities for the career aspirants who desire to pursue the career of investment banker are available in the following areas in the market.

Corporate finance professional jobs in which the candidate will help out organizations to acquire funds for carrying out the day to day businesses and also assist in preparing effective business strategies.
As merger and acquisition specialist the career aspirant may earn substantial amounts. Especially the prospects are very bright in merchant banking areas.
Project finance; structured finance; derivatives; and trading are other fields where substantial earning could be made by the investor banker.
An essential part of financial and investment services, the career of investment banker could be highly rewarding.

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