Do not judge each day by what you harvest, but instead by the seeds you plant. Today’s harvest is not important, because it is the product of what you planted yesterday; what is important is that all your new seeds are well planted in fertile soil, not too close to any large bush whose roots might suffocate them, nor too far away or they will have no shade. When the roots have had time to form, grow and take hold deep in the earth they will be able to turn foul smelling manure into nutrients that will give the little plant strength to rise up into the sunlight and produce the longed-for flowers and fruit.

Thus are your dreams. Your dreams and thoughts are living seeds which you must cultivate with care, dedication and affection but without trying to speed up a natural process which takes time. So as to be able to harvest your dreams you need perseverance, constancy, dedication, patience, faith, love and passion. So that you may enjoy this process and never lose your capacity to be amazed, appreciative or thankful, you must remain balanced. You must believe positively in what you are going to achieve. Enjoy the process to the full, from its very beginning until you collect the fruit it yields.

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