Some questions I get are “how is sexual energy different than the rest of the energy of the body”. It isn’t different, it’s just how you channel and direct your energy as a whole. We need to first understand energy to understand how it moves and flows through the different areas of the body. Energy is in a continual flow throughout our body. The electrons have their own vibratory movements and rhythms. Our physical body learns to find its own rhythm and adjust to it. Cells and organs also vibrate rhythmically as does the heart, brain and other organs. Energy is sacred, it is who you are, and it is the orgasm of life. Energy that we use for sexuality like our potential physical energy that we use in our daily chores needs conservation and integration. It needs rest, containment, nourishment and so on.

In today’s world with so much multitasking and technology “orgasmic breath” practice is crucial. We deplete our breath energy throughout the day and this is what causes the body to be in stress. It is the free flowing breath that cultivates freshness and orgasmic production. When the body is in stress the natural flow of life is disconnected and this is where a split of our being begins; thus a split in the orgasmic flow. Sex is simply a matter of energy and flow. When we understand this concept that sex is energy we then can understand how proper breath flow gives us the sexual energy we need. We then can understand that our full body energy and the sexual energy is one in nature.

Tantra sees humans as part of the collective universe, the environment, the earth and nature where rhythm and vibration are the uniting factors. Tantra teaches lovers how to harmonize their energies and bring together the male and female polarities within and with each other. The energy fields of a man and woman are Yin ( female) and Yang ( male). These are the opposites of a man and woman. Yang is fire ( man) and woman is water(Yin). When we balance the energy it has an experience at both ends where at a physical level energy is expressed as the sex drive and at the mental level it is experienced as bliss. Sexual energy is who you are; it is your depth of riches. If you give too much away you are poor but if you want to be rich then you need to harness your talents. Cultivating sexual energy begins with every day body energy. When a man learns how to sustain the ejaculation and achieve the full body orgasm he is cultivating sexual energy. It is allowing the sperm itself to connect and integrate with the bodies natural energy flow. In other words it is not a separation but rather an integration of the body, mind, and sex; thus the spiritual self. This takes opening to the feelings of the heart and integrating this pasture. Women transform and cultivate sexual energy when they understand and honor the menstrual blood. It is when the blood energy itself integrates with the body energy. When a woman honors her moon time and opens her heart to her being she will have more balanced emotions, less hormonal tensions and will cultivate an authentic power. Sexual energy influences all areas of our life. If you learn to operate your being from the lower root chakra energy of the body and from love you then will have much presence, vitality, health and youthfulness. It takes discipline to empty from the negative to get to this place. Once you get a focused grip of the sexual energy you can do almost anything with this. You can focus it, play with it, channel it, and create with it and so on. It is there just waiting for you to release it from the suppression. You have full reign over the energy and with full understanding you can direct this energy with boundaries so that you remain in connection with your source.

A few suggestions to help you get this going; begin by taking out 15 minutes during the work day to just gaze at nature. Then later add some breaths in to distress in the middle of the day. Then lie down and surrender to the moment once a day at home. And remember to always be open to collective love.

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Anita DeFrancesco, M.A., Intimacy and Relationship Specialist. Her focus and vision have been the evolution of spirituality, sexuality, and teaching others to awaken from separation and suffering and to embrace the modern world with oneness and love. She helps people to liberate and let go of the grudges. She holds a private practice in New Jersey and Los Angeles where she integrates sex therapy, body oriented Reichian psychotherapy, bioenergetics, and dance movement techniques. An allied health professional and 2 time award winning medical journalist. She is the author of Live Free: Your Journey to a Liberated Life found on Amazon She holds a masters degree in psychology and writes a weekly column titled “Love Buzz” for century city news in Los Angeles. Anita has been featured and interviewed on Playboys Sexcetera, MTV, TV Guide, Shape and First magazines, Blind Date and Fox TV in Brazil. Anita is the founder of Kinepathics, Tantra Wisdom, WildDance Fitness ™ and Feminine Evolution. Visit: or contact 310-210-1464.