Culture of China and its People

One of the oldest traditions is the Chinese culture, and it prevails in the world for a thousand years. Being a vast country, China holds a massive population of 56 ethnic minority groups. They possess a unique culture, ritual, language, food, lifestyle, food, moral, music etc.


Three different parties such as Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism curve the whole Chinese culture. Overall the Chinese people have faith in "Shen", a character of their spirituality. By the way, the Chinese Communist Party regulates the Chinese people to become atheist. Traditionally they obstruct the forms of a different spirituality than recommended ones. But now they become more tolerant of the faith of the Chinese people. They now welcome five different spiritualitys like Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhists, Muslims and Christians. Here 10 to 16 % is Buddhist, 3 to 4% Christian and 1 to 2 % Muslim and others are all Taoism and Confucianism.

Ethnic Group

Officially there is 56 ethnic groups in China. Many of them merged into the Han identity. But they maintained their traditional lifestyles, food and ritual system. They speak different dialects in the Chinese language. The marriage rituals have a great variety among the groups.


The Chinese language is diverse. It differs in many ways in different dialects. The simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese dialect have differences in their tone too. They love their culture and language more that, if you go to China Business tour they expect from you the business card printed in their language, in simplified or traditional; whatever they fall into. Pŭtōnghuà is the official language of China; it is some type's Mandarin language.


Like other things in the culture, the food has a diverse style too according to ethnic ritual. Actually, the food habit and the cuisine heavily rely on the type of racial nature they have. The maximum use of peanuts and ginger in the food item as spicy is the traditional value of their culture. Rice is the primary food source and element of China. In fact, they produce the rice in their country as a dominant manufactured food item.

Chinese Anchestor

Like other counties in Asia, in China there is the tradition of the joint living too. People here love to live with their parents and grandparents, and the respect for the seniors, parents and bosses is an essential element in Chinese society. Even in this time, too, many of the grandchildren are bound to listen to their grandparents. However, the thing is changing now in China also. Big home is going to be scattered into nuclear home for higher opportunities of education and employment in advanced town in China. They are bound to support their loved ones who live in small towns or villages.

Chinese Art

There are lots of Chinese art related to Chinese esoteric and spiritual concept. They delineate it through the painting of different types, sculpture, photography etc. These include the divine structure of Buddhism or other religions. China is the origin of the Martial art and Kung Fu, where the technique was of long ancient years in the mid-60s.

Science and Medicine Technology

Traditional Chinese medicine is a concept of 2500 years old that are prevailing at present in many western countries too with the fullest. The herbal medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, therapy are the elements of Chinese medicine technology. Science is developed in China in different ways like satellite, bullet trains and other scientific research etc.

Overall, China maintains traditional lifestyles but acquainted with advanced technology in science and medicine. Though they are separating from their conventional Chinese family life and living in other cities of their empowerment, the value of family and culture remains in them.

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