For bald people, growing hair is important. But, not many people are aware that there are easy ways to regrow their hair. This makes them look younger and they get the people’s respect. More of their friends call on them and invite them to parties when they have hair. Getting hair is easy - approach a hair clinic in Delhi. They will tell you all the different ways to get your hair to grow again.

Use of hair transplant

If you have lost all your hair, then the chances of regrowth is small. You will have to choose the method of hair transplantation alone. You can get this done at the easily. This hair Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi transplant is done in a number of sessions. You cannot get all your hair transplanted in one sitting. And, there must be a difference of four months between two sittings. So, if you need four sittings, you can see that it will about one and a half years to complete the hair transplantation surgery.

Other methods of growing hair for bald people

Another thing is that this surgery will cost a lot. For a person with medium baldness, it will cost about 60,000 - 80,000 INR. But, they give 25 years guarantee for the hair transplant. So, if you have the money and you are bald, then this is a good way to get your youthful looks back. It will take some time and effort but it is worth it. People will no longer consider you old. Other than the transplantation, we have methods that do not cost so much. You can try these methods if your hair expert suggests it.

Derma Roller method

PRP method

Laser therapy method

Derma Roller method is popular because it does not take time. Nutrition is injected using the Derma Roller into the scalp in two to four sittings. The nutrition helps stimulate growth of new hair on your head.

In the PRP method, the Plasma-Rich Protein is taken from hair rich areas of your head and injected into the hair deficient areas. This will make the new hair to grow. This method is much sought after because it is so effective.

The Laser therapy method is also good for bald people. In this, the laser stimulates the blood vessels beneath the scalp. Due to the excess blood flow, new hair growth occurs. This is not painful and so the healing time is less. This is the advantage in this method.

Use of FUE transplantation

Among the methods used by hair surgeons, the FUE method is preferred over the FUT method. In the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method, single hair follicles are removed one by one and transferred to its new site where hair is lacking. In the FUT method, strips of hair get removed and this is placed in the new site by cutting the skin. This leaves a scar but this method is faster. Most people prefer the FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi though it takes a little longer because there are no scars.

Being an expensive procedure, it is advisable to consult your family before you take a decision. It will also take time, so be prepared to take leave and attend the surgery when it is time.

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