A man with a personality has good hair. Bald people do not have the same appeal and often they lose many chances in life. There is one remedy for baldness. That is to take hair loss treatment at a Delhi clinic. Delhi is the center for hair loss treatment because we have plenty of hair clinics in Delhi. Here, we see the different treatment methods on offer at these clinics.

Cost of a hair transplant

The first and foremost treatment for those who have lost all the hair from the top of the head is a hair transplant. You get the Best Hair Transplant in Delhi so go for it if you have the money and need to look youthful again. Yes, the hair transplant will cost money, about 60,000-12,000 INR depending on how bald you are. But, this may not always be needed. If one is only partially bald, or if there is sufficient hair growth, then a mere hair loss treatment will stimulate hair growth again.

Different methods for treating hair loss

To this end, one must approach the hair experts at these Delhi hair clinics. They will take a look at your hair and tell you which methods suit you. Here is the list of some of the methods used commonly.

PRP Treatment

Laser Treatment

Derma Roller therapy

The PRP treatment is the most popular because it is the most effective. In this, the Protein-Rich Plasma from the growth rich regions of the head are removed using a syringe and transferred to the bald spots. This PRP induces new hair growth. The method involves a long-drawn process where you use a syringe to manually transfer PRP a thousand times or more.

In the Laser therapy, we use laser rays to induce blood flow beneath the scalp. This kind of treatment helps increase the hair growth. The third is the Derma Roller therapy. Here, we load a mixture of potent nutritious items into the Derma Roller and roll it on the scalp. The nutrition enters the scalp through the needles on the Derma Roller. It does not take much time and it is very effective.

Use of hair transplant option

Hair transplant is the last option for those who have lost considerable hair. The Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi is worked out in this way. For stage 2 baldness, that is the case where we have only partial loss of hair from the frontline of the hair, we need 1500 hair grafts. For the case where one has lost all the hair from the top and considerable amount from the sides also we call as the stage 7 baldness. This will need 5500-6000 hair grafts. Each hair graft has 2-3 hair follicles. The cost of each hair graft is 30-40 INR. So, if you need more hair, you have to pay more.

Since hair transplant is costly, consult all your friends and relatives before you make a decision. They give you 25 years guarantee for your hair transplant. So, you don’t have to worry about the money that you spend. You only have to worry about taking leave from office for a couple of days needed for the treatment.

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