Hemorrhoids start to bleed when too much strain is applied to them causing the swollen tissues to break. Internal hemorrhoids are the types that commonly bleed because of the feces that hit them during bowel movement but external hemorrhoids could also bleed. Cure for bleeding hemorrhoids are available and at arms reach to anyone who needs it.

1. Diet that is Rich in Fiber

Constipation is the most common cause of bleeding hemorrhoids. To avoid this change your diet and take more fiber-rich food like fruits and vegetables. Take fiber supplements to reach the recommended daily in take of 25 to 30 grams. This will soften the feces and makes the surface smoother to avoid straining the hemorrhoids during bowel movements. It will also promote regular bowel movement preventing the feces to pile up from delayed excretion. All these makes a rich fiber diet a great cure for bleeding hemorrhoids.

2. Drink Large Amount of Fluids

Water will keep the feces moist and soft. It also provides nourishment to tissues and organs. Increasing your intake of fluids like water and juices from fruits is a great cure for bleeding hemorrhoids. Feces will be moist and soft preventing constipation that could cause the hemorrhoids to bleed.

3. Surgery to Remove the Hemorrhoids

Surgery is the fastest way to stop hemorrhoids and bleeding. Several procedures are available. Ligation is where a hemorrhoid is deprived of blood by tying up the vein. The hemorrhoid loses the fluids it need making it shrink and die. Removing the hemorrhoid is another surgical methond where the hemorrhoid is remove using a scalpel.

This procedure is called Hemorrhoidectomy and is recommended only when the bleeding is severe. Another procedure is injecting the hemorrhoids with fluids that will harden the affected tissue. Laser is also use but rarely. This method shrinks the hemorrhoid or outright vaporize the swollen tissue removing the hemorrhoids. Surgical procedures are the last option and are only taken when the bleeding continues despite the none surgical cures or when the bleeding is severe.

Bleeding hemorrhoids must be dealt with as quickly as possible. Applying none-surgical cures for bleeding hemorrhoids will only be effective if done properly and early on the prevent complications. Also consult your doctor for expert advice on dealing with bleeding hemorrhoids. Severe bleeding may need surgery but a doctor’s diagnosis could suggest a different approach. Even doctors will not recommend surgery if non-invasive methods can be done to cure the bleeding.

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