Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is like a surgical operation inside your psyche. You see what exists inside your brain, and you understand how the content of the different sides of your brain determine your behavior. This vision transforms you into a doctor because you understand the origin of your mental illness. At the same time, you are a patient.

Your doctor is in fact the divine unconscious mind that produces your dreams. The wise unconscious mind is always trying to save your human conscience from destruction. You become a doctor too because you have to cure yourself, while following the guidance of your unconscious doctor.

Your cooperation is necessary. You must acquire consciousness and understand the meaning of your actions. You must control your behavior. You have to help your doctor cure your mental illness by following the guidance you receive.

How can you start following dream therapy?

This is very simple. Write down your dreams everyday in a dream journal. Whenever you have the time, read your dream collection. Try to translate the meaning of your dreams based on my free lessons first of all. You will verify by yourself that only by knowing how to translate the meaning of one dream symbol according to my dynamic method (derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation) you will already understand something very important about yourself and your future.

Carl Jung discovered the meaning of the most important dream symbols, and I discovered the meaning of many other dream symbols that he could not explain, but he had mentioned in his lessons. You have to respect the meaning Jung and I found after comparing numerous dreams, and relating many life biographies.

When you study the dream language you understand the wise words of your natural doctor and teacher: the divine unconscious mind that produces your dreams in order to save you from craziness and terror. This is the serious general meaning of all dreams.

We possess a satanic primitive conscience into the biggest part of our brain. The saintly unconscious mind tries to help us eliminate this poisonous content, so that we may live peacefully and happily. However, this content is huge, and very strong.

If you suffer from a mental illness like depression, you are not really mentally ill. You are in fact recognizing the existence of a false apparent reality, and the existence of many bitter truths behind the apparent reality. Depression is a healthy reaction before all the horrors of our living hell. Our crazy world ruled by violence, immorality, and hypocrisy can only generate depression to our afraid population.

However, when you are depressed you tend to become mentally ill because you cannot find salvation.

Besides the gravity of my mental illness, I was very lucky because I found salvation through dream therapy when I was very young. You are luckier than me, because you found my work ready, after two decades of adventures, arduous research, and many battles against despair.

Mental illnesses are terrible disorders that cannot be cured through common psychotherapeutical methods. Our doctors ignore how much craziness we inherit in our brain. They are not able to fight against so much absurdity without having an internal vision of the content of their patients’ brain. They must study dream translation in order to have this tool at their disposal. Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is a blessed practice that gives us another vision.

Today you can be miraculously cured through dream therapy because I managed to simplify the dream language after discovering the roots of human absurdity, and the meaning of many dream symbols.

Dreams about your past will explain why you are still suffering for reasons that you cannot understand. You are repeating a negative behavior you used to have when you were younger. Dreams about past situations are very common in the beginning of our psychotherapy because the unconscious mind starts cleaning your psyche by removing your old impressions and mistakes.

You repeat many mistakes in your life because you follow your one-sided conscience. Your human conscience is one-sided because it works based on only one psychological function, instead of using four psychological functions as it should. Your four psychological functions are based on:

* Thoughts

* Feelings

* Sensations

* Intuition

However, only one of these psychological functions is really working in your human conscience. You have to pass through a process of consciousness through dream therapy in order to develop all your psychological functions and become more intelligent. You have a second half-developed psychological function, but you don’t have a global vision about your reality.

You see only what your favorite psychological function wants to see. You don’t pay attention to the aspects of your reality that are contrary to your main psychological function. For example, if you belong to a psychological type based on thoughts, you’ll never pay attention to your feelings or sensations. You will only respect your thoughts, and a few of your intuitions.

On the other hand, you have a basic inclination. You are either introverted or extroverted. This means that you are also limited by your tendency to follow your own opinion if you are introverted, or the tendency to follow the general opinion, in case you are extroverted. You are very far from balance. You cannot pay attention to all aspects that form your reality.

You become mentally ill as you follow your one-sided conscience, and you are manipulated by your evil anti-conscience. The unconscious mind will give you many lessons in dreams so that you may understand when you are controlled by your anti-conscience. This way, you’ll learn how to control your behavior and never let your wild side take the place of your ego.

When you are depressed you become mentally ill because you cannot fight against the absurdity that starts invading your mind. You are too sad, and you don’t know how to react. After verifying that your world is a living hell, you have no courage to continue your battle in life. You need the unconscious support in your dreams.

You may believe that you are depressed for many personal reasons, but you basically become depressed because you understand how weak you are. You cannot change the world. You cannot change the people around you. You are an insignificant and impotent creature.

Depression is your first step towards wisdom because you understand your limitations. However, it usually becomes the first dangerous step towards accepting the absurdity of your anti-conscience because you are on despair. You have to be very careful.

Once you accept the absurdity of your primitive anti-conscience, you become neurotic. You only need to make one step in order to start losing your human conscience and become a slave of your anti-conscience. Neurosis is the beginning of worse craziness. It can become psychosis or schizophrenia.

Through dream therapy you will avoid losing your mind, and eliminate your dangerous wild side forever. You only have to write down your dreams and translate their meaning with my simplification.

Be an obedient patient and cooperate with your doctor. Soon the unconscious mind will completely cure your depression or neurosis. At the same time, you will cure yourself for consciously obeying the wise unconscious guidance. You will learn how to always control your behavior. The unconscious psychotherapy is based on eliminating your false impressions and all the mistakes you make for being influenced by the absurdity you have inherited.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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