Hemorrhoids are blood vessels that are swollen and that are located around or in the anus. The blood vessels stretch when put under pressure and they can be caused by various factors. Possible causes of hemorrhoids include cirrhosis, pregnancy, straining in the bathroom, violent coughing, lifting heavy objects and standing or sitting for long. There are many natural remedies for hemorrhoids that are available.

The dosages of pharmaceutical drugs and herbs that can be used in hemorrhoid treatments are determined by therapeutic range. Therapeutic range is the least amount of a dose that is effective to the most amounts of drugs that a person can take without having any negative side effects. A lot of drugs are very non toxic and safe and the chances of an overdose or of causing any damage are highly unlikely. However, the taking of an overdose will not in any way give you any additional benefits and there is still a risk that it could be harmful so you should stick to recommended doses. The herbs that are used in hemorrhoid treatment help in soothing the irritation as well as preventing any new irritations from developing.

Aloe gel when used as a remedy for hemorrhoids is applied to the affected area directly and this helps in the alleviation of pain as well as any burning sensation. Aloe can be bought packaged, or as a leaf. Simply cut open the leaf and apply the gel from the leaf. Calendula cream is also another herbal remedy for hemorrhoids and it has soothing properties. It also relieves the inflammation as well as the pain.

You can also use St. John’s Wort oil as an enema for overnight retention. This stops the production of hormones which cause inflammation and swelling. A witch hazel suppository can also be used for hemorrhoids treatment. It treats those hemorrhoids that are bleeding as well as helps to relieve the discomfort and the pain that is associated with hemorrhoids.

Another herbal remedy is the use of butcher’s broom which will reduce the itching and the burning. You can also use dandelion tincture which will lubricate and soften the stool. This herb should however be avoided by anyone with gallstones.

Another herbal remedy for hemorrhoids is the use of horse chestnut. Horse chestnut works by reducing the inflammation and the swelling and it also makes your blood vessels more elastic. Women who are trying to get pregnant should however not use this herb. Other herbs such as pine bark and grape seed also help in making the blood vessels more flexible as well as stronger.

There are other remedies for hemorrhoids that can be used. These involve the addition of fiber into your everyday diet as well as taking more fluids in your everyday diet. You can also take supplements which will make your blood vessels strong.

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