To cure illness and suffering, we need to know the underlying CAUSE. Practitioners are often content to work with and remove the symptoms alone. Unfortunately these symptoms will eventually reactivate within the individual until the route cause of the illness has been dealt with, mentally, emotionally and physically. Joel Goldsmith, a famous spiritual healer in the 50s, founder of “The Infinite Way” movement wrote, “Unless there is a change of consciousness, there will be a re occurrence of the disorder.” (i)

Although it is difficult for our left brain ego to believe or even grasp, keep in mind that before pain and suffering, before illness and disease, before criticism, judgment, blame, anger, and rage, before depression and despair, before suicide or murder, before any destructive, abusive, addictive or compulsive behaviour, we have held within our consciousness for a period of time, perhaps lifetimes, some form of anxiety, pain and fear. The right brain part of our consciousness, with unconscious connection to our Spiritual Identity or Eternal, Energy Self, carries this anxiety, pain and fear into every physical lifetime we choose to learn and grow in, with the underlying pressure to heal and release it. This accounts for the occurrence of childhood cancer, diabetes and other genetic illnesses that occur early in life. It is also likely, our genetic families here hold links to energy or soul families on a spiritual plain and that family fear-based issues may be worked on over many generations until they are finally healed and released. I have noticed, for instance, that throughout my lifetime, I have encountered fear-based physical and emotional issues very similar to those my parents tried to deal with.

If it is difficult for you to accept that illness, disease, addictive, compulsive and destructive behaviour, in addition to various forms of mental, emotional and physical illness and suffering are routed in, or caused by, anxiety and fear, it might be of interest for you to look at the works of Dr. Hans Selier and more recently, Michael Meaney, a Neuroscientist at McGill University, Montreal. Both have studied the effects of the “Stress” (“Fight, Flight, Freeze”) Response on the systems of the body. In the 40s, Selier came to the conclusion that over 75% of the reasons why patients visit medical doctors are directly or indirectly related to this Stress, Fear or Adrenaline response. At the time he was laughed out of a medical conference for this suggestion. Now the ultra conservative medical profession, as a whole, has admitted that this percentage is probably above 85%.

The issue to understand here is that this stress or fear response, if extended over a period of time, drains energy causing an "Energy Crisis" and changes to our body chemistry, which then compromises our immunity and many other body systems. It also raises our blood pressure and blocks enzyme and insulin production often resulting in food, environmental allergies and diabetes. Anyone connected with sports or physical and mental activity of any kinds knows that most mistakes and accidents occur when the mind and body are tired and weak. When we are rested, exercise and eat properly, free from pain and fear, our mind and body have the innate ability to function well and, in most cases, protect themselves from accidents, illness and disease. Unfortunately, in this fast-paced, modern age of change and stress, we lose focus and fall prey to the devastation brought about by this “Fear” or “Adrenalin” Response.

The first thing we need to do to protect ourselves from this devastation is, whenever possible, place ourselves in relationships, jobs and situations where, for the most part, we feel happy, supported, successful and unthreatened. Since we live in a world filled with change, pain, fear and loss to varying degrees, it would be naive to think we could accomplish this goal throughout our entire life. We can, however, counteract the devastation of this “Fear Response” with the “Relaxation Response,” through various forms of meditation and relaxation practices. The goal of these practices is simply to “QUIET” or “STILL” the Left Brain part of our Mind, Body, Emotion (ego) self for periods of time each day. This allows access to the Life-Force Energy and Peace that flows naturally through the Right Brain part of our unconscious mind. Research has consistently shown that individuals who practise meditation or other forms of relaxation response techniques prevent, or recover from, illness, disease, and surgery much faster than individuals who do not. For this reason, I encourage you to explore these techniques to see if you are ready and able to use them to assist in your own disease prevention and healing. You will find information about these techniques on the “Zone” page of my “Peak Recovery” web site.

Finally, it might be worthwhile to explore and understand the importance of healing the unconscious body of pain and fear we carry within our consciousness. Whenever these wounds and fears surface within in the relationships and situations we encounter here, the “Fear Response” is activated once again. Then we usually react with some form of defensive response like criticism, judgment, blame, anger, muscle tension or flight, all of which block the possibility for their healing and release. One of the prime reasons our souls choose to journey in this physical universe is to gain the opportunity to physically experience our emotional pain and fear. To heal and release it, we need first to feel it. How else would we know it exist within us? By clearing these wounds and fears, we automatically awaken more fully into the peace and joy we experience through the “right brain,” part of our unconscious mind. These wounds and fears, along with the defences we use to avoid them, which Echart Tolle calls our “Pain Body,” (ii) act like heavy clouds to hide from us the peace and joy we carry deep within our unconscious mind. See the " Cloud Layers Of Ego" illustration at the end of this Blog.

The mystics have always known and the research of quantum physics is now proving that the world we experience with our five senses is projected from within our own consciousness. This means that until we release the emotional wounds and fears we carry within our consciousness, through the “Law Of Attraction,” they will continue to be activated and reflected in the relationships, activities and situations we encounter here. As long as we avoid experiencing them through distraction, sedation, blame, anger and other destructive coping choices, they will return again and again to haunt us. Then we will begin to live our lives in a state of fear-based worry, control, defence and attack that will eventually drain our energy creating an "Energy Crisis," causing illness and block our joy as well as the ability to love and relate to others. Sadly, this is the state of mind of vast numbers of people here on this planet. Pain and fear-based dramas are continually being acted out within individuals, relationships, families and nations. Whenever we get hurt or frightened, our ego perceives our suffering as caused by a person or situation outside us and immediately begins to defend against or attack it. In order to heal, it is essential that we begin to understand and accept that the pain and fear within us has attracted, projected and manifested this situation, person or drama giving us the opportunity to feel, acknowledge and ultimately, to heal and release it from our consciousness.

To do this, slowly begin to train yourself to view and accept that the frightening and painful situations and relationship dramas you experience have be initiated from within your own consciousness and that this gives you and opportunity to heal and release the pain and fear so they will not return. Next, whenever you begin to experience any form of pain or fear, begin to breathe more fully. Let go or relax into the physical experience of this pain or fear on every out breath. You will find this physical experience somewhere in the area of your heart or abdomen. Continue this form of out breath surrender until you begin to relax a little and your desire to attack, defend or run lessens. Then address the Healing Energy within you with these words: “Help me to accept without resistance or judgment and overlook with compassion this part of me not of love (fear) that has been projected, reflected and activated in my dream of separation here. I willingly give it to You to dissolve into the nothingness from which it was born.” Continue to breathe slowly and fully for the next two minutes, remembering to let go and relax on every out breath. "A Course In Miracles" makes it clear that whatever we willingly give to the healing energy within us that is not of love (of fear) will eventually dissolve like mist in the summer sun. A doctor does not heal a broken bone. He places it at rest or still in a cast so the Healing Energy within can mend the break. It might be helpful for you to appreciate that, through mental stillness and surrender, you are releasing your fears and wounds to this same energy. Is it not likely it will heal and the wounds and fears within your emotional body too? I encourage you to experiment with this method for at least a month. If you do, you will find, I am sure, an ever-increasing freedom from the painful and fearful dramas you experience in your life and relationships. The following three articles from my “Peak Recovery” web site may help to further clarify this topic:

David Ott, M.Ed.

i Joel Goldsmith, “Consciousness Transformed” Hawaii Hotel Talks, page 13
ii Echart Tolle, “The Power Of Now,”

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David Ott, M.Ed., Director
Peak Recovery Program, Victoria,B.C.

Trained at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto
Student and Teacher of “A Course In Miracles”

Former guest workshop facilitator at
“The Orchard Recovery Centre” on Bowen Island.

Former Employee Assistance Program Director
for Panorama Ski Resort, Invermere, B.C.

Former Life Skills Coordinator
for the Canadian Military, Baden, Germany