There are many names for this problem that is plaguing the middle aged class everywhere.It has been referred to as the middle age bulge, people call it the middle age spread, others just call it a problem that they are having to deal with as they are reaching the middle age.This is a medical condition that affects 80 million adults that fall into that middle age bracket.Learn how to deal with somatopause and what you can do to help cure it.

The Symptoms of Somatopause

As we get older, things happen to our body that we have to deal with, but we don’t have to accept them and there are cures out there.For somatopause, you need to understand what you would be experiencing with it.The symptoms for this include weight gain, muscle loss, a decline in energy, and bad cholesterol going up while your good cholesterol goes down.These are symptoms that are related to this and people generally will start experiencing in when they are in their 30’s.Somatopause is actually caused by the decline in HGH, which is human growth hormone, in the body when people start to age.

Solving for Somatopause with Hormone Replacement

One thing that you can do to solve for this problem is to directly replace the hormone that you are missing.
The HGH hormone therapy is shown to work and really helps with anti-aging in experiments that have been run.People that tried this experienced a 14 percent drop in their body fat and an 8 percent gain in the muscle that they have.The research also shows that they have better looking skin, better bone density results, and better total cholesterol and cholesterol ratios.

The good news is, with the HGH therapy, these are not the best case outcomes, these are actually the results that most people experience. That is why that a lot of people refer to HGH as the “fountain of youth”. However, there is a downside to using the HGH hormone replacement option.Most insurance plans won’t cover this and it is very expensive. The cost of these injections can be upwards of $1500 just to start and more if you feel you need to continue to use it.

Many celebrities are using the HGH hormone for their anti aging needs, and this is something that they can use since they can probably pay the bill for it. This is something that has been banned for professional athletes because it does improve performance. The good news is, you don’t have to use this to help solve the problems that somatopause causes. There are natural solutions that you can look into.

The Natural Solution and Cure for Somatopause

Anaerobic exercise
will cure for somatopause. When you work out, you are going to find that HGH hormones actually increase by 530% through exercise. This is the exercise that has the short burst and uses the fast twitch muscles. This is the exercise that leaves you out of breath and involves sprinting and quickly getting your heart rate up. So, for you, this means you don’t have to spend all day in the gym to get what you need out of this.

Make sure that if you are going to use this as your solution that you make sure you are physically fit for these exercises. Warm up and stretch so that you don’t get hurt and make sure that you are cooling down at the end of this. You should build up this program over a six to eight week period.

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