Anyone who want to enter currency trading must realize that opening a currency trading account is not as easy as it may seems. Cheat brokerage and trading companies are in every street corner of the internet and if you don't come with good preparations, they will eat you alive. If somehow you can pass them and introduced to a real broker, I suggest you to check the broker features first to make sure that you get the most benefits from them.

These are several factors that have to be considered when you want to open a currency trading account:

1. Leverage

Leverage means the usage of several financial instruments or borrowed capital, such as margin, to raise the potential return of an investment. In currency markets, it implies a loan that provided for investor by the broker that managing his forex account.

Example: Leverage 200:1 where 1 standard lot is USD10,000. This means that you will need USD10,000 /200 = USD50 in your equity to open 1 standard lot.

Difference in leverage can means different profit opportunity, so make sure you have checked this factor.

2. Spreads

Spread is the different between bids and ask price. Ask is the price when you buy while bid is the price when you sell. Different trading firms offer different spread and take compensation from it. Some other brokerages will charge commissions for each trade in addition from this spread. High spreads will make it more difficult to earn profits for each trade, so make sure you have check it thoroughly.

3. Currencies to Trade

Almost all trading account can support major currency pairs such as EUR/USD or GBP/USD, but sometimes there are also opportunities in other currency pairs such as NZD/USD or GBP/CHF and you may want to try that. It is only a matter of taste; if you don’t find the other currency pairs appealing, then it doesn’t matter.

4. Good Customer Support

You should know that you are deal with an actual firm with actual person behind it so you should have direct contact means such as live chat or phones. This is important to solve your problem as quickly as possible; sending email and waiting the response for days is not how a credible company works.

5. Software

When you open a currency trading account, some companies will provide necessary software for free, the others don’t. I’ll just go with the free ones.

6. Funding Option

Most of the companies are accepting funding in many major ways; some others only receive funding via paypal and bank. Make use of whichever that meet your needs and comfort.

7. Have Dummy Trading Account

In a practice account, you will get access to the trading platforms and start practicing online trading. This feature also have other uses:

- As a means to test your strategy/signals/robots. This practice account also backed up by real live data, so you can get real test results.

- As you use the demo account, you can test the platform’s user friendliness. Several platforms are more difficult to use than the others.

8. Support Many Languages

This is particularly useful for anyone who doesn't speak English as their native tongue.

Opening a currency trading account doesn’t has to be hard or complicated; just be sure that the account support all that you need in currency trading.

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