Some of us want the old days to be back when we had a calm environment, without any danger. However, we all know that’s history. Today, survival requires hard work. We cannot evade this cut- throat competition. Intentionally or unintentionally, we are a part of it. This makes it very important for us to be aware of the happenings around us. We have to be updated with the current affairs of not only India but the entire world. We all are connected and it is a vicious cycle which cannot end. We learn from their mistakes and improve from their victories. This is the law of nature, which everybody follows.

We all are part of a huge community. Irrespective of the place we live in, the religion we follow or the sect or group we belong to, we all fall under the same specie called "human being". Hence we all are connected in some way or the other. Globalization has given a deeper meaning to this feeling of humanity and helped in bringing us closer. It has introduced to the world, to live in an environment that demands peaceful cooperation and connectivity.

Technological advancements have also enabled us to gain more access to information abroad and vice versa. Today, we have numerous mediums of communication, of sharing news and spreading awareness. Government has made serious efforts to spread education about the importance of current affairs. It has conducted various local programmes and awareness rallies which educate the people about staying aware and presents them a picture of unaware victims. The call for awareness has gained much popularity with the youth taking active participation in this movement to spread awareness. The youth of today, realizes the importance of current affairs. They know the weaknesses and strengths of India, and take active participation in the upliftment movements. Unlike earlier times, when most of the youth was confined to academic knowledge, today's youth symbolizes vigilance, competence and the right to voice one's opinion. It is due to the exposure given to them on various levels, about the current affairs in India that they volunteer to make a change, a change that will make India a better place to live in

The Youth is the future of India. The prosperity of our country lies in our hands. We need to be vigilant and stay updated with Current affairs in order to bring a strong change.

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