Our thinking and perception can only be changed and broadened if we have a sound knowledge of the world we live in, such a world where everybody is inter-dependant on each other and learns from others' mistakes. This knowledge is spread throughout the world in the form of current affairs and settles down as general knowledge. If we stay in constant touch with the current affairs we will have a strong general knowledge and also have a clearer view to understand things. It is often said, that in order to understand a particular action/ event it is very important to take opinion from others. It opens our mind to novel ideas and enlarges our vision and perception. General knowledge is also an important part of competitive exams like SSC, bank exams, IAS, IFS etc. These exams include extensive coverage of various subjects which require a thorough knowledge of the current affairs.
We all can prepare the syllabus and earn good marks in any competitive exams. However, if we follow the pattern closely, all the students who have topped had a good general knowledge. It is because current affair knowledge gives you a winning edge in almost all competitive exam. It helps you gain more scores. Especially in the interview round, you can impress the evaluators with your excellent knowledge of the general affairs taking place around you. It makes a strong impact on the evaluators and increases your probability of getting recruited. Why do the focus on current affairs in most of the competitive exams and interviews?
They want to test your level of awareness and thereby your knowledge of the prevailing conditions in the society.
Most competitive exams lead to prestigious and lucrative jobs. Especially in public sector jobs like IAS you work for the government. It would be a shame if a government employee is not aware of his/her country.
Most of the recruiters of today focus more on current affairs. They require an individual who si not merely involved with academic knowledge.
Knowledge of current affairs in competitive exams would help in the spread of gk importance in our lives. They become a medium to inform people about the importance of staying aware and safe in this unpredictable world.

Thus, general knowledge information is very beneficial and comes in handy, in every stage of our lives. Inclusion of current affairs questions in education system such as competitive exams have helped in the spread of GK awareness. Mediums like quizzes can be helpful in the preparation period.

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