Current affair quizzes are an entertaining way to gain more knowledge about the current events and occurrences that have taken place around you. Quiz books of every year are available in the market with updated materials. For example, for all the events that occurred in 2011, there will be a quiz book available for the year which would include all the important information of the things around you. There are quiz books for current affairs in India, which help you get maximum information on your own country. However, if you need daily updates, internet or newspapers are the best mediums.
During our preparation of current affairs we are often confused. Current affairs cannot be gathered overnight and they cover almost all the subjects and areas around us. In such a scenario, what should we do?
Work in a orderly and systematic manner. If you try to learn all the information in one go, you will not be able to retain anything.
Begin with the area of your interest. We often find current affairs boring. We think, why would the population of India matter to us? However, all affairs are inter-connected and everything matters. Start with something that you like to read.
Get prescribed to a reputed newspaper to get in constant touch with the current affairs in your city and primarily, India.
If your general knowledge is very low. Do not read stuff about world affairs. Stick to current affairs of India, to get a clearer picture of the country you live in and how it affects you.
You need to classify current events. To develop an understanding of the events, it is required to explore the different aspects, background, and history of the events in question.
While reading the newspaper, if you come across any event that occurred in the past, use the internet to gain more knowledge into the event. Often, one event leads to the other and you get a chain of important occurrences.
Whenever you get free time, read information on important personalities. Practicing from quizzes is the best option. They give you one word answers for different areas of India, or various events that took place etc.

There are a zillion ways to gain information on bihar current affairs. You just need to choose the right medium which holds your interest. Once you get into the habit of reading newspapers or watching news channels, you would want to know more. Knowledge of current affairs can also help you score better marks, if you appear for any entrance exam.

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