In this fast moving world, we hardly get time for ourselves. We are so involved in our own lives that we lose touch even with our close relatives/friends. In such a world, the media provides us with various mediums to stay connected with our environment. Through a large web of newspapers, radio, television, internet, etc we all stay connected. Internet in fact, has become one of the most preferable ways to communicate with people from all over the world. Why is such emphasis laid on knowledge of current affairs? Why does the role of media become so important in our lives? It is mainly because, in this unpredictable world, it is vital to stay vigilant and updated. Media through its various mediums helps us to stay connected with the real world and update us with the events that take place in our environment. Information on all the events that take place in an year, or in a particular region, are also available in the form of quizzes. For example, all the current affairs of 2012 will be available in the quiz book of the year. These quiz books are available in the bookstores and the internet.
Globalization has contributed majorly to the unification and peace amongst nations worldwide. It has disrupted the boundaries and brought the world closer. In such a scenario, where we all are inter-dependant on each other, it is essential to be aware of the conditions of the world we live in. Most of underestimate the importance of current affair knowledge, and consider it useful only while preparing for entrance exams. However, it serves a much larger purpose in our lives and holds much for value. Current affairs keep us updated and aware. A person abreast with current affairs is at a safer position and has a broader perception. There are already so many mediums to stay updated, which are easily accessible. Newspapers is one such medium which is spread world-wide and also available in regional languages. For people who wish to focus on a specific area or knowledge about a particular year, for example current affairs of 2012, there are numerous quiz books. These quiz books are easily available in the market place or the internet, magazines etc. There are many more mediums like the radio, or for better understanding and detailed information, there is the television.

You can resort to any of these mediums to gain knowledge on current affairs. However, one must get into the habit of staying in touch with the outside world and enlarge his/her towards life. A person who is better informed can perform better when the situation demands action.

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