Current affairs are an important part of our fast moving lives. They become a medium to provide a bit stability to our unbalanced lives, and gives us time to think for ourselves. We often get too busy in our lives, we have no idea what is happening around us. If a bomb hits some distant part of the country, we often get to know after many days. Even after getting to know about the prevailing dangers in our society we tend to ignore them. As we humans have the tendency to only concern with our own lives, we tend to think it cannot happen to us. We often question ourselves, how will it affect me? the answer lies within our ignorance. We are not doing anything but merely justifying our ignorance towards the current affairs taking place in our country. It is very vital for us to be updated in this fast moving world, not only for our personal achievement but also for professional purposes. Like, in IAS exam and interview, current affair questions carry high weightage, which makes them the most important part of the preparation.
When we talk about any kind of competitive exam, current affairs are often discussed. Especially in case of IAS, which is one of the most coveted jobs of todays’ times? Be it the exam or the group discussion or even the interview, it is not complete without current affairs questions. In group discussions (GD) which are one the initial steps in many coveted career options, one cannot got unprepared with current affair questions. There, the group of students is usually given a current issue. They have to immediately indulge into a sort of discussion and present their point. This requires current affair preparation, without which you are bound to fail the GD round. Even in interview sessions, the evaluators aim at testing your personality and your general awareness level. They usually ask you to speak on any recent news or affair. Competitive exams cover a major portion of current affair questions. Some often call current affairs, as the unprescribed part of the syllabus. In IAS, the main criterion for selecting any candidate is to judge his/her general knowledge. They aim at ensuring, that the candidate to be selected is well aware of all the aspects of the country and has thorough knowledge of the field he/she has applied for. Thus, current affair preparation becomes an important part in IAS recruitment. The questions and answers are asked both in direct and indirect form, which means you have to start preparing months/year before the actual exam.
You can not clear any IAS exam without current affair preparation. If you lack in current affair, start preparing now. Read newspapers, or watch news channels, or search the internet etc. There are many ways to gain current affairs today; you just need to make proper efforts.

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