It is very important to be updated with the current affairs in order to keep pace with this fast moving world. Every second there is some thing new happening, which is being, recorded somewhere and might affect us someday. What happened in 2010 can be the cause of many things in 2011. This cycle continues. One needs to know what is happening in his or her surrounding in order to stay aware. Different things in the current affairs section attract different group of people. While an old man would look at new additions in the pension programme, a teen would rather read the entertainment section. All the news be it regarding, technology, science, industry, commerce, entertainment, sports, finance or agriculture, serve the same purpose of imparting knowledge about latest achievements and tragic losses.

Current affairs in 2010:
The National Aluminum Company achieved its highest cast metal production of 443,597 tonnes in 2010-2011 against previous best of 431,488 tonnes in 2009-2010.
One of the best news in the current affairs section in 2010 was for the US residency as over a million foreigners were given green card in US, that is, permanent residence in the country, in the year 2010, which proved to be the financial year for the country.
Due to global demand coffee export in India rose up to 325, 116 tonnes in 2010-2011. As there was shortfall in production in major coffee producing countries like Brazil and Colombia.

Current affairs 2011:

Chinese authorities have claimed two of the closely connected companies of Google have broken tax rules, however, Google denies any such allegations by the Chinese economic daily.
One of the most shocking surveys of 2011, by World Bank, showed that 10-16 percent of people in Pakistan are suffering from moderate psychiatric illnesses and have captured a list of suicides in Pakistan. There have been 7,000 cases of suicides in the year 2008.
In a recent interview in 2011, a gemstone produced said that Middle East accounts for 35-40 percent of India’s gem and Jewellery.
Government is raising the banner high for energy conservation and has come up with a new technology in 2011. The power ministry is preparing to produce a new energy labeling system for mobile chargers, which would help you, know how energy efficient your mobile charger is; it will be voluntary in the beginning and later become mandatory for the people to use.

These are current affairs GK of year 2010 and 2011, there have been many happenings and events in 2010, which have been an advantage to the year 2011 and many mistakes, which would not be repeated again. This is how the current affairs section is connected to each other and the chain increases with every passing year.

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