Unlike earlier times, when news was not accessible to all, today even the remotest parts of the world can access information on the latest current affairs. Today, we have a well connected and large network of newspapers, and the fastest mode of accessing news i.e the internet. People from any corner of the world can communicate and share news with each other. This is very helpful for educating the general mass and making them aware. However, even after so many provisions, the majority of India refuses to stay updated with current affairs. They choose to focus on a specific field of knowledge and fail to realize the importance of current affairs in our lives. The youth of India, does not realize that in order to make progress in 2012, they need to understand the scenario of 2011 and the main events that took place. Lack of this basic knowledge has led to their confined knowledge and narrow vision to understand things.

India is a developing country; it is striving hard to match up to the other countries in the same race. Though there have been some brilliant minds which have majorly contributed to the success of India, there are still others who are not able to express themselves well. There are so many intellectual minds, who possess the necessary skills but lack the vision to apply it in real life. Why is it so? Mainly because they are unaware of the conditions of the real world, hence they cannot connect their ideas to the real life situations. Having a good knowledge of the current affairs can prove to be very useful for such individuals as it will give them a vivid picture of the real world. Keeping abreast with current affairs can help them apply their ideas in real life situations. Understanding the present condition of India will help them understand the future needs and demands well and act in a better way . For example, to strike a business deal in 2012, one needs to understand the market condition in 2011 or the recent few years.

There are many ways to gain knowledge on the current affairs of India. One of the most important amongst them is to practice from quizzes. You can get quiz books on various fields and years, you can choose your field of interest accordingly.

Once you realize how important Current affairs are in our lives, we can understand our country better and progress at a faster pace. Also, current affairs will have a major impact in our professional lives and keep us informed.

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