Awareness is very important in today's world. If we are not aware, we are unsafe and unprotected. Current affairs help us stay updated and become the medium for us to stay in touch with the real world. They acquaint us with the happenings and incidents taking place all over the world and include all areas like economy, technology, politics, business etc. We get a gist of the life in these areas and the current social, political and economic standing of our country in these areas. When we decide to take up a career option why do our parents insist on keeping our "eyes and ears open"? They are directing us towards keeping in constant touch with the current affairs. As it is through them, that we get to know the various career options available, the job opportunities, the best colleges in delhi or India, career with great scope in India etc. Current affairs are presented to us through various mediums which include the news and events of the entire year. For example, while a newspaper would capture daily news items of this year, a quiz would include all the important events of 2011.
We all read news articles based on our own preferences. While some of us stick around for the "entertainment value" others do it merely for the sake of staying updated. However, current affairs, in today’s time hold much greater importance. It does not provide a news article on incidents that took place in Delhi in 2011, or economic condition of Bihar. They give us a real picture of the world that we are living in. Every news item is inter-connected in some way or the other and follows a chain of events that affect us eventually. Therefore, we cannot afford to stay unaware and become victims. Also, it is important to focus on every field like technology, politics, business etc. We should not confine ourselves to one single field of knowledge but have a sound knowledge of all the events taking place around us.
Current affairs are also very important for our academic life. They provide us with so much information on the education system, the changes in the system, on-going activities related to academics etc. They act like our guide, while choosing a career option, giving us a picture of the top career options of today, areas with high scope of growth etc.
Thus, Current affairs carry out different functions in our lives. For some, they are means of entertainment, while others stay updated with them. The youth of today, however, gain maximum knowledge through current affairs as they provide them with academic knowledge.

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