Current Affairs account for all the latest happenings and incidents that take place both locally and internationally. Happenings in the field of politics, education, sports, economy affect all social beings at a large scale and in many ways. The development of the entire world as a global village and ever-increasing competition in the job sector, the competency of a job applicant is evaluated by his/her general knowledge.
Current affairs are of great importance in the life of all those students who are preparing for competitive exams like APPSC Groups & TSPSC Groups. The academic importance of Current affairs is easily shown by its inclusion in the bank exams. News channels, radio, newspapers, quizzes are some of the leading mediums through which aspirants can prepare for the current affairs section for the IBPS bank exam in an effective way.
Let's see how Current affairs help you perform well in APPSC & TSPSC Exams:

Higher Marks:

Cracking APPSC and TSPSC groups becomes easier if you have good command over current affairs because it's a scoring subject. An objective section on general awareness is aimed at testing the aspirant's knowledge about general knowledge and current affairs. Each question has 4 options to choose the right answer. It is highly recommended to students that they should choose the easiest questions first and make attempts to solve difficult questions later as the cut-off of this section is quite lower than in reasoning and quantitative aptitude. Students can master in GK section by keeping a close eye on current affairs for APPSC & TSPSC Groups. For this they can make use of various means and sources to keep themselves up-to-date.

Gaining higher Marks in Exam with proper preparation:

The TSPSC and APPSC exams requires aspirants to prepare for the entire syllabus attentively and they can buy GK books and keep a close eye on news channels to stay aware of what’s happening around you. A few useful and beneficial sources are mentioned below:

Mock/ Sample Papers for GK

Mock/ Sample Papers are one of the excellent ways for the preparation for GK section of the APPSC & TSPSC exams. It gives a general idea about the prospective questions by solving the mock test papers given in current affairs for APPSC & TSPSC groups. Candidates can also go through sample sets available online to answer the maximum number of questions accurately in the least possible time.

Online speed test and preparation books:

The time management and speed matters a lot when you sit for the APPSC & TSPSC exams. Candidates preparing for these exams must practice online speed test and Mock test abundantly on the global internet to increase their speed and complete the exam in time. If they perform well in the exam and can easily get the minimum required marks easily and effortlessly.

Online Newspapers and web browsing:

Students can browse the internet, buy books online and can read online newspapers to keep themselves up- to-date about the current affairs and can prepare well for APPSC and TSPSC groups and perform well in the exam.
Online Coaching Academies like achiever academy are also a great help for preparing efficiently for such exams.

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