As we all know civil services is well known for the high stature jobs it offers. It is government body which recruits capable individuals to become a part of the government sector. UPSC carries out all recruitments for various jobs offered by the civil services. One such job is of an IAS officer. Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is high in demand but is equally challenging. The selection procedure adopted by UPSC is very strict and the syllabus it prescribes for IAS is even tougher. It covers a vast variety of subjects which include various sub topics which are very difficult to cover. To make things much tougher, current affair questions are added in the question paper. They cover a wider area, than the syllabus and the candidates have no idea about the kind of questions that can be asked.

Recently, the number of current affair questions in all competitive exams has increased. In fact, in some of the competitive exams it has been declared that the maximum number of questions would be asked from current affairs. This has helped a lot in creating awareness amongst the youth about the importance of current affairs. A larger number of students of started to get into the habit of reading newspapers because current affair knowledge is required in every field. The youth is the future of India, and it is very essential for them to know everything about their country. One must not confine to textual knowledge because after all, it is a practical world. A text or a book can tell you facts and give you information but in order to understand them, you need to understand it from a broader perspective. A larger framework would open your mind to new ideas, or opinion thereby increasing your knowledge. Similarly, preparation for IAS cannot be completed if you only prepare from the syllabus. You have get hold of all the latest current affairs which would be asked, not only in the exam but also in the interview round. They can ask you about anything or any field, so you need to keep a good track of the current affairs at present and the incidents which have taken place in the previous years, as well.

Getting into the habit of reading newspapers and gaining information on latest current affairs is a good habit, even if you do not have to prepare for an interview or IAS exam. But if you plan to become a part of civil services, and become an IAS officer then you have to not merely read the newspaper but also practice quizzes, watch news channels, etc.

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